How do I scan or fax something that's really long?

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How do I scan or fax something that's too long!?

I have an application for an apartment to send to my friend/future roommate who is currently in Pennsylvania (I'm in Texas. hehe). The problem is, the application is like 1.5 times the size of a regular piece of paper... I have a scanner, and I guess I could take it to kinko's to get it faxed, but is it possible to fax in one piece?!


its possible with a loader fax-printer. if you only have a scanner then kinkos it is for you dont listen...

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Does anyone know something to take off viruses thats complately free not just the scan?

i got loads of viruses and try to take em off but all things i download are only scan and not taking em off


avg free

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How to set up a fax/print/scan server?

We just got a router installed at the office we own, and after looking at the situation, and asking how a network printer works I have some more questions. Would it be possible to connect a computer to the router, set very limited permissions on the...


This may not be as complete a answer as you wanted but I thought I would tell you what I am doing for...

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How do I change default scan settings?

How can I reduce the file size of a scanned document in Windows XP? I have narrowed it down to something in the XP OS. Boss has a Canon MFP that would scan to his PC. Test scan file would be about 300Kb pdf. Boss got a new PC. I installed the same Canon...


Maybe there's some OCR happening? Can you highlight text in the PDF and copy to another document? That...

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How Do I use a fax machine?

I have never used a fax machine before. I just have a simple question. Are you able to fax something by just scanning for example a Drivers License without having to print it? Because I have ran out of ink. So basically I can just have the card itself...


Send a fax does not need any ink. Put your driver license over it and send. Choose best quality or photo...

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I have cable and internet, but no fax?

I read through the forums and found something called E-fax. It gives you a free fax number and i guess you recieve the fax through your email. That really doesnt help me send faxes anywho.. I can always i guess scan and send. But to the point. Anyway...


You can definitely use your Internet as a fax line. Faxes are sent and received from your email. They...

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My printer keeps on saying fax making it unable to print from the computer. How can i make it say printer?

I have a hp office jet 4215 all in one printer-fax-scanner- copier. I do not have it connected to the phone line just to the computer, howver it says fax. I tried to print something but it wont because it is in fax mode not in printer mode. There are...


For example: if you are in a Word document, click Control+P or click File, Print. When the print dialog...

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Are there any all-in-one printers that can fax over the Internet?

Specifically, I can scan in something that I want to fax and it'll send the fax over IP via a gateway to end up at a phone number tethered fax machine? The reason being I don't have a home line and don't want to get one just so that I can fax (rarely...


You'd really want to take the recommendation over whomever you choose that provides FoIP service.  The...

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Why doesn't my laptop scan?

I just got a new dell inspiron N5030 . I tried to scan something and had all the cords in and my laptop detected the printer, but when i use windows fax and scan to scan, it says could not complete scan. My old laptop also a dell inspiron, it worked...


Because something is wrong!

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