How do I scan something and then send it as an attachment?

Let’s learn how do I scan something and then send it as an attachment. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to Scan & Email a Document (with Pictures) | eHow

How to Scan & Email a Document. Scanning and sending a personal or business document as an email attachment is can save time and money ... and you can then send the ...

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How do I scan something into my printer & send it in an email attachment?

I have an HP Officejet J4680 All-in-One printer. I have no idea how to use it and would greatly appreciate the help!


The easiest way to scan and send a document as an email attachment is to use a word processing program...

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How do i scan something and send it as a e-mail?

I need to learn how to scan something on my computer and then be able to send it via e-mail.


Scan New message Attach Browse Save Send

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How to scan photo then send as e-mail attachment?

I want to send a friend a photo through hotmail. I place the photo on scanner then what ?


There may be an easier way than this. I scan the document and file it. Then click attachments and open...

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How do I send more attachments in my email?

I am not shore if this is a software thing or me being a Computer dummy (which I am by the way) when I send out emails with attachments, lets say for an example I am sending 10 documents first I have to scan them on my HP Photosmart Premium C309a to...


I have the same issues but suppose it is for the recipient to decide in which order they open attachments...

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Is there a way to put a PDF in the body of an email instead of sending it as an attachment?

Have a newsletter I want to send out, it's only one page, and I want it to appear in the body of the email, instead of as an attachment. Don't want people to have to download the attachment to do it. Would export it as a JPEG and send it but it has clickable...


You can convert a doc to pdf for free, but to create editable docs, you'll have to buy the writer from...

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Plzzz helpppp mmeee!!!!!~how do i start the scan so that i can scan something on my printer???

ok plz dont tell me to use hp solution center cuz i dont have it and i click on the scan button and nothing comes up. i dont know what to do cuz my mom really needs to send something on her email and i need to scan it first and i dont know how to do...


well if you have open office open a new document and then import from scanner. can do the same in office...

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How to scan a picture onto my computer?

I have a hp photosmart c5280 all-in-one printer. by using the scan button on the printer itself it only allows me to scan&print or scan&save it on to a memory card.(sd, xd..etc I don't have any of these.) I just need to scan something to send...


Go here and download the will allow you to scan pictures and documents from a control...

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Can't send attachment thru email??? help...?

I am trying to send a powerpoint attachment to a friend through email that is 1.46MB big. I have tried both Gmail and Hotmail and both failed. when i try Gmail it says ERROR "Oops... a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#008)"...


yea I get the same message from 'live' when I try and send pics but I sent it anyway (when it said it...

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Why won't my lexmark scanner/printer scan my paper?

I have a lemark printer that can also scan photos and documents. It says X2500 on it o i guess that's which version it is. there are buttons on the side to work it manually, and there is one that i assume is to scan something to your computer, because...


Since you say you can't scan from the computer or the "Scan to Computer" butto does nothing...

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