How Do I Upload Videos To My Computer From My SD Card?

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How can I upload pics from my sd card with windows 8 ...

I recently upgraded to windows 8 but now I am not sure how to upload pics from my sd card. ... Refer How do I import photos or videos from my camera?

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i took some videos with my camera and they are saved on my sd card. i put it in my computer and it only uploads the photos. no videos. help!!


the video will be there , they will just be mixed in and the thumbnail will be the same , do a preview...

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Cant upload videos to my computer from SD card?

I have a lumix FZ150 and I want to edit the videos with imovie and upload to youtube, but it wont let me upload the videos to my desktop or imovie. Help?!


Change the format! Find a format changer online

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When i upload my videos from my cellphone SD memory card into my computer, the videos sounding is off?

what do i do? i can watch my videos on my computer but i cant hear nothing. whats wrong? help me please.


Same happened to me. I recorded my whole Spanish project on it and when i uploaded the video, no sound...

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How do I have my computer read my SD card? read below?

so my computer had a virus about 2 to 3 weeks ago. My friend fixed n i thought everything was good then. i used to have windows home premium now i have windows ultimate, i think. but i used to be able to upload videos from my sd card to my computer with...


it is happen bcoz u dont accept the the things ipod gives wizard

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SD card deleted, and videos off camera deleted?

Hi, I have a JVC Everio. A couple of weeks ago, my sister took the SD card out of it to upload photos of herself. Even with the memory card gone, the camera still had all the videos on it. Then, when she returned the card to me, I put the card into my...


Try this free program, and do a deep scan, I have had good luck with pictures...

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I NEED TO RECOVER LIKE 20 OLD VIDS FROM MY SD CARD! READ ALL BEFORE ANSWERING: So my SD card became full and so I uploaded its files to my computer and then formatted the card. LITTLE DID I KNOW FOR SOME REASON ALL THAT GOT UPLOADED WERE PICTURES FROM...


You can try a card reader, to see the SD card directly. Sometimes older files are in ohter folders....

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CAn I upload videos from SD on Walgreen's photo machines?

My phone is messing up and I have no service. I have videos on my sd card that will not transfer to my computer via normal import on the usb(droid incredible) anyways. THe tech said my card may be about to mess up because my phone was not recognizing...


Your cell probably has a mini-SD, so you will need an adapter, mini-SD to SD. Most of the time when...

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Spy camera micro sd card readers?

Hi, I have purchased a little dv spy camera on ebay, and my biggest problem is that I cannot upload the videos/pictures! This is mainly cus the software that came with the camera isnt "compatible" with my computer. Although, I was thinking...


You need a micro sd ADAPTER, so google micro sd adapter, amazon and target have them.

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