How do I upload videos from my camera to my computer?

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Can I upload pictures and videos from my camera to my computer without downloading the software?

So I have a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S930 and in the box it came with software that you have to install on your computer before being able to upload pictures and videos, but I have a laptop that doesn't have the thing you put cd's in so I can't install it. I have a desktop that has that thing but it would be a lot more convenient if you could just upload stuff to my laptop. So does anyone know if I can just plug in the camera with the USB cord to my laptop, and upload pictures? If you can, how do you...


Yes. Just insert the Memory Stick in the card reader on your computer. If your computer does not have...

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How to upload videos from camera to computer?

I have a sony steadyshot dsc-w330. I want to upload videos to my computer, but it only lets me see the pictures that I've taken. So I can only upload those pictures the videos don't even show up when I connect it to the computer. What can I do to upload...


If still then the computer does not detect any videos, it may be that there is sitting in your camera...

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How do I upload videos from my computer to digital camera (already know how to upload from camera to computer)

videos on computer to my digital camera so i can view on my camera (Canon Powershot SD1000)


Connect camera to computer via usb or firewire; on movie program, click on export to camera.

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How do you upload VIDEOS from a sanyo camera to your computer?

i installed VideoImpression and PhotoImpression on my computer but it just wont let me upload my videos. it wasnt hard to upload the pictures but it sucks trying to get the videos ive been looking around the internet 4 like an hour trying to find the...


u must visit this source..............

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How to get the 'higher-quality' videos from my camera to upload to my computer?

Hello. I have a Panasonic Lumix that I recorded about 80 short clips on. Before recording, I changed the quality from '720p' to '1080i'. Well, the quality is definitely better, but now it won't upload to my computer. Could it be my computer's fault?...


I'd use a card reader... the last one I bought at Fry was about $6. Take the SD flash memory card out...

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How to upload videos from your camera to the computer?

I have this sony cyber-shot camera and when i upload my pictures, it doesnt say anything about uploading my videos. once i put the chip from the camera into the computer it asks me wether i want to upload the pictures into nerophoto show express or not...


Use an editing program like Windows Movie Maker and search for the movie files on your external drive...

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How do I upload videos from my video camera into my computer?

I really want to upload some videos onto Youtube, except I do not have a digital video camera. Is there any way to upload videos onto your computer with a video camera that uses film?


You need to make sure that you have a firewire port on your computer. Then you need a firewire cable...

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How can i upload videos to my computer from my camera?

I have a mini dv video camera that i just got, ive been hearing if i get a memory card i can put videos on it then upload them to my computer. turns out so far i can only put pictures on it, even tho the package said stuff about videos. and i cant get...


Do not use the memory card to record video. The quality drops. Your one and only choice is fire-wire...

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How do I upload videos from a sony cyber-shot camera (16.2 mgpx) onto my computer?

I recorded a couple of videos on my Sony cyber-shot camera. When I go to upload them onto my computer using the USB cable, it's like they don't even exist. Only photos. I don't really understand why...I had a Kodak before and videos were able to upload...


i think your phone memory card been corrupted thats y ..its not showing the video format in computer...

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How do i upload videos from movie camera to computer?

how do i upload videos from movie camera to computer so i can share my videos


video converter probably can fix your problem.…

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