How Do You Clean An iPod Touch?

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How do you clean an IPod touch screen ?

My wife has the older model of the IPod touch she has the black one and the screen is always getting dusty or dirty. She uses her eye glass cleaner and the rag for it and rubs it really hard but it still gets a little dusty. The case of it gets dusty...


I use windex on mine since the screen is glass. Looks new everytime for me!

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I have sticky residue (adhesive) on the back of my iPod Touch. How do I clean it off?

So, I bought an iPod Touch, and there was a sticker on the backer explaining the warranty (the iPod was refurbished). When I peeled the sticker off, some of the sticky adhesive was left behind. How do I clean that off of the back?


Use rubbing alcohol with a rag, not too much. Nail polish remover will probably remove the paint on...

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How to clean an ipod touch?

I need to clean the back of my ipod with household products what can i use?


Tooth paste leave it on for 5 minutes then clean off with warm humid cloth. for scratches use a aluminuim...

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How do you clean your apple iPod touch with a camera screen with out breaking it?

my apple iPod touch has smudges and fingerprints.please answer!


Use a cloth. Or your shirt. Or your cat. Or your rug. Or your bed. Or your dog. Or your apron. Or your...

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How do i clean the back of my ipod touch?

I have an ipod touch that i want to see but i am trying to get the smush/scratch marks off the back. I tried cleaning it with glass cleaner (with and without ammonia) and it seems to have cleared it up a little but i really want to try to get rid of...


Scratches won't go away

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How can I keep my iPod Touch screen clean?

The biggest problem are fingerprints and smudges... I know the whole point of this iPod is to TOUCH it, but I can't stand the prints and smudges on my screen. I don't let more


Glass cleaner works the best because the touchscreen is glass. Wipe off with a cloth.

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How do you clean your iPod touch screen?

It's the fourth generation one(idk if that matters). I got something on it. How do I clean it? Do I need a special formula or cloth or something?


You usually do not need anything special to clean it. Just a lightly damp wash cloth or rag. If you...

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How can i clean the screen protector from my ipod touch 4g?

plz tell me my screen protector is dirty and i want to clean it thanks


You can use lense cleaners or electronic wipes. They work really well.

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How can I clean my ipod touch screen?

I dont have the cloth that was supposed to come with the ipod


Steam your breath on it and wipe it with your shirt. That's what my friends do. :)

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Tips on how to keep my IPod touch 4th gen screen clean?

Any tips on how to remove scratchs or how to avoid getting them? Thanx


I want t know to!

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