What should I use to clean my iPod Touch?

Let’s learn what should I use to clean my iPod Touch. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by support.apple.com.

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Cleaning your Apple products - Apple Support

To clean iPod touch, unplug all cables and turn off iPod touch ... Cleaning your Apple products. More ways to shop: Visit an Apple Store, ...


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What use is a First Generation iPod Touch?

I found a First Generation iPod Touch at a flea market (it's OK - it's been checked for fleas), but cannot see what use it is. It is running iOS 2.2.1, and appearently cannot be up-graded/-dated. I know what these devices do (I already own a MacBook...


yes go ahead you can purchase the upgrade from the itunes store later

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Should I jailbreak my IPod touch (8gb 2 version) and what site would I use?

Ok so I have been really interested about jailbreaking my iPod touch for quite sometime but I just can't decide if I really should. I have heard you can "brick" your iPod and u can't use it anymore and I have heard great reviews! Is it safe...


That is not true, there really is no way to brick your iPod at this time. The jailbreak process is a...

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What app can i use for ipod touch and android for free texting?

ok so me and my friend want to text each other for free but he have an android and i have an ipod touch. what free apps is there for free texting that is avaliable for ipod touch 3 generation and android phone



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What applications can you use without wi-fi with a ipod touch?

im thinking about getting a ipod touch but i don't know what things i can still use without wi-fi connection. i have wi-fi at my house but i'm, wondering what if i'm out driving or something can i still use maps? weather? youtube? itunes? and what are...


i have an ipod touch. and without a wireless connectin you can't use safari,mail,youtube,stocks,maps...

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What program should i use to jailbreak my ipod touch 2g?

I have an ipod touch 2g (Model : MC) and i want to re-jailbreak it on 4.2.1. i previously jail broke my ipod with spiritjb on 3.1.2. i don't know what program to use. (also say if the jailbreak is tethered or not)


You should downgrade your iPod from 4.2.1 to a different version other than 4.2.1 so you can go into...

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What kind of sim card can I use for the HUAWEI e586? iPod Touch?

I want to get one of those huawei mobile wifi modems, but it says that i need a sim card. can i use a globe or a sun cellular sim card? how much will it be? what kind of sim card is it/what is it called? i plan to use my ipod on it regularly and occasionally...


first of all. you need to check the frequency compatibility. different mobile operator use different...

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What ipsw file do I use for redsnow on my iPod touch 4g?

I have an iPod touch 4g running iOS 5.0.1. I want to jailbreak it with redsnow. If I have the ipsw file, do I just go to redsnow and use that as the ipsw file Oh and if I did the OTA update for ios 5.0.1 will the ipsw still be on the computer or can...


U dont need ipsw for ios5.0.1...

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What are the steps one should take when learning to use their iPod touch?

I left the US before all the stuff happened with touch screens. My dad gave me his old touch and I don't know where I should start. software I need? iTunes? apps I should definitely get? How do I install them? where do I get them? what are its key features...


Go to apple.com/support and  download the user manual.

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If i jailbreak my ipod touch, what will i lose, how do i prevent this from happening, can i use my old apps?

can i use app store apps? what do i lose? how do i jailbreak 2nd gen. 8gig ipod touch


u will not lose anything ive jailbroken my iphone and my friends ipod touches and iphones they have...

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