What do I need to connect my iPod touch 2nd gen to the AUX port in my Vauxhall Corsa D?

Let’s learn what do I need to connect my iPod touch 2nd gen to the AUX port in my Vauxhall Corsa D. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What do i need to connect my ipod touch 2nd gen to the AUX port in my Vauxhall Corsa D. PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER?

i have a ipod touch 2nd gen. my car is a vauxhal corsa D. 2008. it has an AUX port. what cable do i need to connect my ipod to it? thanks


If your head phone plug fits the AUX port, then you may only need a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable male/male ...

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New IPOD Touch 2nd Gen Need free Apps!?

I just bought a IPOD Touch 2nd gen and I need free apps. I am interested in organzing tools, bible search, possibly games, and anything else that might be fun. I dont know what im doing with it this is my first IPOD so please help me as much as possible...


go buy some songs on the iTunes app! Well just go to the App Store and go to the Top 25 Tab then click...

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Help!! need the easiest/simplest way to jailbreak an Ipod Touch 4.1.2 version/2nd Gen Ipod?

I have read all different ways online to do this to download the Cynia app so the Ipod is jailbroken. Can someone pls just give me the clearest, simplest way to jailbreak this ipod? thank u soo much :) PS This is a 2nd Generation ipod


I'm guessing you mean 4.2.1? Then you should download redsn0w.

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I need to sell y iPod touch 2nd gen 32 gigs broken?

i have a iPod touch 2nd gen 32gig and i need to sell it the screen is cracked and back light will sometimes power off in the middle of use, it will come with all the cords and headphones if anybody has any ideas of were or how to sell it please help...


Use Craigslist, Ebay, or Amazon... But be sure to tell everyone what is wrong with it and list it at...

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IPod touch 2nd gen screen cracked, what do i need for this particular break?

Okay I bought my best friend an iPod touch cuz she had wanted one for a long time. Some kid at school kicked it. Im gonna try and repair it for her. But the glass isnt cracked at all, its the lcd underneath, and the touch screen doesnt respond, do i...


If you give this comment a thumbs up, it means you are against child abuse. if you give this comment...

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I just bought an ipod touch 2nd gen. i need some help please!?

i am new to itunes and i am in desperate need of itunes 101. i have musicmatch jukebox on my computer now, should i get rid of it now that i have itunes? or do i need both? i can't get itunes to only put certains songs on my ipod, it is bringing everything...


yeah you can get rid of the music match jukebox and to take the songs you don't want you can just un...

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Need help with 8GB 2nd Gen. Ipod touch.?

okay well i've had my ipod touch for around 3 months and its amazing. but just the other day when i tried to go to the app store it wouldn't work....it said "cannot connect to itunes." Also when i click on any of my apps (other then the ones...


Restart your iPod and check your connection. 1. It can run out of memory and begin to crash when some...

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Ipod touch 2nd gen can't connect to wireless internet?

I bought it 3 days ago and it worked perfectly, but now all of a sudden i see it netgear is connected, and it shows signal, but once i click it it says unable to join the network "netgear" . any ideas why? computer is working fine, just dont...


make sure you put in the correct password and same thing happens to my ipod but later after a while...

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OMG i fixed my ipod touch 2nd gen. Does Anyone need to know how?

i dropped it in water over 2 weeks ago.. it did not turn on, i thought there was no hope. But this morning i decided not to give up. at first i tried keeping it under a blow dryer but i was scared that i was gonna fry it completely so i held it pretty...


Thanks for Sharing! most of the time, it works if you keep it under something warm for a few days without...

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Did Apple lie? 2nd Gen iPod Touch not thinner?

Ok, I was answering another question since there's been quite a few "What's the difference between the 1st and 2nd gen iPod Touch", so being the cocky bastard I am I was about to say in comparison "And thinner, but come on we're talking...


From what Im think, is that the second generation iPod Touch is indeed skinny but in the center is the...

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