How Many Watts Is A 1998 Ford Expiditions Stock Amplifier?

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i have a 94 crown vic with jbl sound and the amp on it a rated at 70 watts. so you should be the same...

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A 1998 Buick Century stock amp puts out about 100 watts. Want to know?

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How to wire an Amp's remote-on wire into a Ford F150 1998 model?

Ive wired all the other wires to hook a Kenwood Amplifier into a truck but the truck has a stock radio and as such doesn't have a remote wire that i am aware of. Where do i wire the remote-on wire to that comes from the amp?


You can use any fuse that has power when the ignition is in the ACC and the run positions. Windshield...

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Car Audio Help!?

I have a 4-door 1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer and I have a nice system picked out, but now all I need is an amplifier and I don't know what specs to look at or how the amps work with the different channels and the ohms. The subs I picked out are Kicker...


check your other thread ..........nothing is wrong with the set up you orginally picked out

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Should I go with two Sony Xplōd® 12" Aluminum DVC Subwoofers or one?

I recently upgraded my radio deck to a Sony deck. A friend has already given me one Sony Xplōd® 12" Aluminum DVC Subwoofer, but I haven't installed it yet. The sub is rated at 400 watt RMS at 4ohms. 1) I have the option of buying a 800...


1. That amp is too much for Xplodes. They are wal mart subs and your lucky if they can handle 125wRMS...

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Can I fit 31 inch tires on a stock 1998 ford ranger XLT 2wd?

I have a stock 1998 ford ranger XLT 2wd at stock hight and currently have have the tire size 225/70R14. I wanted to put 31x10.50R15LT on it. (31 inch tires). Would I have to lift my more


31" wheels? Not unless you want to ruin your truck! You mean 21"? 31's will will be WAY too...

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Where do I ground my subwoofer amplifier in the trunk of a 1998 ford contour?

I have a 1998 ford contour and I cannot get power to my audio amplifier when I ground it in the trunk. I solved the problem by grounding straight to the battery but that cuases alot of feedback when the brakes are applied, shifting gears, turning on...


ground it on the cover under the front door take the plate off an use the frist screw

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I have a 1998 Ford Explorer and need help wiring my new amplifier and two subs, diagrams on how?

My Equipment 1998 Ford Explorer Boss PH4.600 Car Amplifier 2 Lanzar VW154 1-Way 15" Car Subwoofers; Each are 8 ohm speakers Wondering on how to wire them to use the least power from the battery Also, would you suggest getting a high output alternator...


First I wouldn't use a 4 channel amplifier for subwoofers, but since that is what you are using... The...

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1998 ford mustang v6 all stock vs 96 Acura integra Gsr?

I have a 1998 ford mustang v6 stick shift and my brother just got a 1996 Acura integra gsr automatic there both stock who would win in a simple race at the track or down a street.


I would say it would be close, but short end the Integra would win.

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1998 Ford Ranger stock radio?

Hello, I have a problem with my 1998 ford ranger radio (it's the stock radio) whenever I turn on the car to listen to my radio/CD's I dont see anything on the radio..the music more


If the radio plays, there is a problem on the digital impress circuit; that circuit is electronically...

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