How To Download Iphone Game On Android?

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Any way to convert iPhone games to Android? | Android Forums

Any way to convert iPhone games to Android? Thread ... I just search internet for best android games,and then download the apk. files and install them with ...

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Is there a chess game iphone and android users can download to play opposite each other?

I want an chess app that would work with an iphone and android and you can play with a friend


Chess with Friends

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From where can i download applications (i mean games !!!!) for my android ?!?

Hii for all of you guys : I am really a big fan of android and google phones , and definitely i have fallen in love with their big screens and high resolution!!! the thing is that i really hate excessive popular things like "iphone" i hate...


I have found a really good site which is : Fortunatly for you there...

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Can iphone 4s play flash videos without having to download them?

Like, you know, if you go online to watch a flash video or play a flash game.. phones can't really do that! But is it possible to somehow get an iphone 4s or an iphone 4 or an iphone 3gs or an lg optimus v android to be able to watch flash videos without...


No, thats the only drawback of iphones. They dont support flash content. However there are 3rd party...

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Why my android game, Whack-an-Alien, has a low download?

I has created an android game similar to whack-a-mole style but the download is low. It's targeted to the US. WHY is that? The game is called "Popies". The rating is quite well. I have sent press release to various blog, 3rd party app store...


You have over 50,000 installs, good ratings and growing traffic which is not a bad start.  If you're...

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Iphone!! i want to install game in my iphone.. any site that i can download??

erm.. do i have to download it from the iphone itself?? i mean, i have to wifi and download the game directly to the phone eh? and i just bought the phone and i didnt know any jailbreaks or SHH?? help pathetic me to use this wonderful phone!! help!!


yes you do have to download it using your iphone. go to there are lots...

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From where can i download android game sd files?

i am having android 2.3 version. all the hd games are telling me to download additional data (sd files) which is not possible for me on mobile. so please will you tell me from where can i download android game sd files on pc?


gallery.mobile9, mobango or zedge are the best websites for downloading mobile stuff for free. just...

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How do I download ALL Facebook contacts on iPhone like on Android?

On my android phone, I can download all my facebook friends contacts even if there is no number. But on my iphone I can only sync with what I have in my contacts. Any way to do it like android?


I downloaded this app called 'SmartSync' it's a really useful app. It's 1,99 I think. However, it doesn...

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If you download a game on android market using wifi, once you download it can you play it without wifi?

ok if i download something on andriod market can i use the app without any wifi? because i use wifi at my house, and when i go out can i use the apps or games on android market with no internet ( wifi)??


Yes you can but it depends on some games. For example minecraft demo- version you can do this. But any...

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