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How to find location of an IP Address Without using APIs?

More of a theoretical question. Yes, I know those types of questions are frowned upon here. But suppose APIs like MaxMind GeoIP's didn't exist, and you wanted to build a service that translated IP addresses to the city it's in. What would you do? How would you go about solving that problem?


Use the whois database to find out who the IP is allocated to. Use DNS to do a reverse lookup on the...

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How can you find a persons location from their IP address?

How can you find a persons location from their IP address? I have been emailing someone using a Yahoo email address an Virgin / Media ISP according to her fixed IP address that I can see from all her email headers ?


You can determine the ISP from an IP address, and from that you can get a general location like the...

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How to find location through IP address?

I have someone's IP address and the proxy server he is using. How can I find the location? If I try finding it through IP address it returns me no data...


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How do I find address/location based on ip address ?

I would like to know, how can I find location or address based on ip address ?? or what can I do to sabotage the person, whom ip address I have. *ps please dont tell me its not more


You will have to get a court order to get this information. Even with that information there is no guarantee...

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How do the cyber-experts find out the exact location of a computer using the IP address?

I mean,suppose,you are located in London.And the computer whose IP address you are tracing is in India.Also,it is presumed that the computer is not using any proxy addresses.You have all the resources needed for this i.e. it is presumed you are a cyber...


You can't pin point the location. What the police do is contact the Internet Service Provider(ISP) and...

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use this website to see the location of an ip address

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How do I find someones (specific) location using their IP address?

Ok, someone has spamd my blog on my business website and posted bad things about myself and my business (which all where untrue). And because of this I have deleted my blog temporaroly. But I do have there IP Address. So I am wondering if there is ANY...


Only thing you can do is figure who their isp(internet service provider) is and then get a court order...

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How to find a ip location?

i know a ip address and i want to know the geographic location


IP addresses are not directly related to physical addresses. The best you can get is the address of...

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How easy is it to get a court order to search an IP address and find its location?

What kind of crime needs to happen for a judge to give the go ahead on locating an exact location of an IP address? An obscene comment was written on my Myspace and a death threat was more


If someone is stalking you, you can file a stalking order at the courthouse. It will be a judge's order...

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If I have an IP address how can I find the location of the computer?

Following on from my last question, I recently got stung in an e-bay style scam, but the crook left me his IP address on an attachment to an e-mail. I want to get the location of the more


You will need the hhelp of the ISP who provided the IP as we.. In addition you will need some kind of...

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