How to find your location on android programmatically?

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How to find out a list of locations at a given location on Android?

My goal is to generate a list of all addresses at a given location in latitude and longitude. But I'm not sure how this can be done in Android. My initial idea was to add a radius of length L to that location, then loop through all points in that circle to list all the addresses. However, I realize this method could take a lot of time, and the result might not be accurate due to the density of each area. Besides, how large should my radius so that the result is rationale to the user. I wonder anyone...


After doing a bit of research, I found one way to handle this situation is to use Google Place API and...

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Not sure if its in the play store but its available in the App Store and blackberry app world It's called...

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BBM for android, Do android users really need BBM over Whatsapp?

Having used BBM for Android for the last few days, my verdict while BBM has definitely caused a huge buzz, it is still far from being the best IM app and shouldn't yet nurture any dreams of being able to beat WhatsApp. Here are my 10 reasons why. 1....


Truly speaking, BBM is too old to pace up with any latest IM apps! Now-a-days user want a full mobility...

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Can you broadcast your GPS location on a smart phone? If so with what apps?

I want to find a way that I can broadcast my GPS location to only those who I invite or allow to see. The reason is so I can throw spontaneous parties in hidden locations to only those who I invite. It would be ideal if I could send out my location to...


Nope, you can't do that for the device... Sorry about that.. Good luck!

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Is there an Android app for virtual racing?

I am trying to find an Android application that will allow me to run with friends in other cities. Essentially this app will convey location information of my running pal so it always tells me how far in front or behind me he is. I have found a couple...


You can try "RunKeeper" or "Endomondo".

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I had my GPS-enabled Android phone stolen?

How should I approach this situation? I had my Android phone stolen but I managed to find the geographical location of my phone using the GPS of my phone. I had it stolen in the more


I suggest, calling the non-emergency line for the police and tell them of your situation and tell them...

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Making iPhone and android apps?

I work at a medium sized, but growing, grocery store. Im just a bottom of the totem pole stocker, but i had the idea to create an iPhone and android app that, when scanned a bar code, would tell the user the exact location in the store on a store map...


for the iphone, you need a mac so you can compile the code because you need an apple to compile for...

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Quick & fast iOS/Android custom push notifications?

I'm working on a project, and I want to be able to make a series of custom push notifications to a phone: for example: every time someone somewhere dies of a spider bite, I want to be notified. I'm working on a project, and I want to be able to make...


There's a free iOS API from Urban Airship that does a lot of useful stuff...I built an app pretty fast...

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Where do i look on my computer to find my samsung galaxy s 2 while its connected via usb?

Its connect via usb and i dont know where to find it im trying to download Conker's bad fur day the n64 rom for my android because when i try to get it straight from the phone it wont work i have the files and everything i just need to find the location...


You should see a folder or click a cell phone place thing

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How do I set custom/mock location in Android?

I have made an App that shows up location searched by the user.Now I want to set this location as the current location in such a way that the Android system assumes that this particular location is the current location.Now whatever the apps(Fb,Twitter...


We at testmunk did a writeup on how you can mock the location on Android devices and run automated tests...

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