How To Increase Our 2g Speed Of Idea Free?

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7 Tricks To Increase Internet Speed In Android Mobile

Here's how to increase internet speed in Android mobile! ... Still if you are habituated to use free things, ... How To Check 2G/3G Internet Data Balance in Idea, ...

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I want to get 3g speed in 2g connection.i have tata docomo connectin.plz answer me soon.?

i use a 2g connection but i want to increase my speed like 3g..what i want to do plz tell me. i have a idea 3g net setter,but i unlock it aur use tata docomo connection... plz give me some tips that i get 3g speed in 2g recharge.


You can only get 3g speeds using a 3g compatible phone on a 3g network in a good signal area. 2g phones...

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How to increase my internet download speed?

hi frnzzzzz.... my IDM gives me only 25-38kbps in 2G network.but this is not good to download hd i want it above give me some idea to increase download speed or any other browser or downloader who gives me above 100kbps.plzzzz.....


There are two ways 1. Change your 2g connection to 3g. 2. Change your dial up connection to broadband...

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I have idea net setter with bsnl sim card i have downloading speed of 30kBps how i increase it to 100-105 kBps?

pls help me i want to increase the speed of my idea net setter my friend have the same data card and he get the speed of 100-105 kBps but i have only 30kBps speed pls tell me solution is there any software to increase the speed of it. pls tell me about...


dude i am also having the idea net setter so i think you must install DAP or be true it`s not worth...

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IDEA 2G SPEED: Browsing Speed : 236 kbps Download Speed : 18 kbps ( fluctuations in speed ) Upload Speed...

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Mobile network speed depends upon the area(circle) the speed u r experiencing on your phone is the mixture...

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Going off the idea of space time, large objects experience time, according to relativity. Here comes my but. But if objects (such as a human) are large enough to experience time, does that mean that from the subatomic level, time does not exist?

Before you butcher me, please hear out this idea. Let me be more realistic. Let's say there's a planet. That planet experiences time because of relativity and from my understanding, the larger the space (gravity) the more of an emphasis is put on time...


There are a number of inaccuracies in your statement. Particles have already collided by the time a...

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How to increase BSNL data card speed?

hi am using bsnl data card in my area am getting 2g net work only... how can i increase the speed in 2g net work.... pls help me...



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Will my internet speed increase?

I have a bsnl 2g sim and it gives 5-7 kbps maximum but i m going to buy a 3g mobile(nokia 500) it can give maximum download speed to 13 mbps. so my question is that when i will insert my 2g bsnl sim in my 3g nokia 500 mobile can my speed go to atleast...


It will increase about 10 kbps instead buy a 3g bsnl sim and get 3g speed on your mobile

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