How To Make My Own Search Engine?

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How i can make a search engine?

which means i want two create a search engine and make profit from googleadsense


Host your own website. Enable it Google search and start earning money. In order to create your own...

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How do you make a search engine for your website?

I'm curious to know how to add and have a usable search engine on my website. The code i have so far is: <h3>Search Website </h3> <form action="#" class="searchform"> <p> <input name="search_query"...


I dont think that you can make any workable search on a free hosting. To make a search for your web...

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How do i make the custom google search engine my default search engine in google chrome.?

when i type something to search in google chrome for searching into the omnibar how would i make it only search on i tried alot to do in options and manage search engines more


Go to OPTIONS under BASICS tab On Default Search: click MANAGE Enter the following details: Name: Blackle...

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How to make Yahoo! my search engine?!!!!!?

idk what happened but my search engine auto-changed to Google. No offense but I'm not a fan of Google. Yahoo, in my opinion, is so much better (and after 5 years, I'm accustomed to it) but anyway I tried everything... I clicked on Tools, selected Internet...


Type into your browser. At the top of the yahoo homepage right under the word Yahoo! there...

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How to make top search result in search engine?

Please help me, i want to make my site as a top search result for District Government Umerkot. My another test site in Sindhi Language does not returns in search on any search engine.


Hi, I think you will need to start building backlinks to your website. Make sure you use high quality...

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How to make search engine ?

How to make search engine ? I want a search engine for my website. Just take one simple example, of dictionary websites like http:// when you search any more


I agree with Uddabh.Add Google custom search box to your homepage to help people find what they need...

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How do i make my search engine Yahoo search engine.?

my new laptop will not allow me to download yahoo search engine. I get a window telling me its not compatible. says its not approved. email me at


What browser are you using? Firefox has a menu of search engines, and you can add more to it.

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How to make blog index with search engine?

how to make blog index with search engine? I want to make a blog index and use search engine, or sthg else. so it could update itself. Is there anything like that?


At present there is nothing like that but Yahoo is considering adding a Search box.

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How do I make YAHOO! the DEFAULT search engine for SEARHING FROM the ADDRESS BAR in INTERNET EXPLORER Browser?

I installed the Google Toolbar, then uninstalled it. (Too much data mining! Yuck.) Unfortunately, some elements of Google remain. Now, when I search from the toolbar, I get the "Cannot find server" "Page cannot be dispayed" error...


click on tools, then internet options that window will have the home page area to type in type the yahoo...

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How do I make Google my search engine with Mozilla Firefox?

My current search engine is aol and I HATE it. I looked up how to change it and this is what it told me: To set up Google as your default search engine, make sure you've added Google more


up in the right hand corner of Firefox there will be the search bar To the left of it there should be...

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