How To Save A PC Game To A CD?

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How to Save a Music CD to Your Computer | Techwalla

... cannot be reproduced due to copyright laws. They can, however, be uploaded onto a personal computer for individual use ... To save a music CD to a computer, ...

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How to save a PC game on a flash drive and then use no CD....?

I was just wondering how you can save a PC game onto your flash drive like Morrowind and then play that game without a CD?


or any other image mounting program.

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Yes, you can. But first you have to located the folder called saved games for each individual games...

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How can i save my pc games to my netbook?

i recently got a net book but i have lots of my favorite PC games in CD format and i don't have an external CD drive is there a program that i can use to save the game to a USB on my old PC and put on my net book.


Perhaps you can store the CD materials (all folders, files and programs) into an external HDD drive

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Original game CD loading problem - PC?

I bought an original copy of the game (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3) for my PC. I was really looking forward to installing this game and playing it, but when I insert CD 1 of the game into my DVD Drive it won't load it up. You can hear the DVD Drive...


The new disks were made with a different format. Battlefield 3, MW3, GW3 were all made with an extra...

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Is it against copyright or illegal to sell a PS3 game save file/save data? can i be sued for selling a CD-r?

say for example i beat the game LIttlebigplanet for the PS3 and wanted to sell my own personal game save data, could i sell it for say $5 without having to worry about legal action by my buyers/sony and is there anything against doing this? i would be...


it happens all the time, its illegal for him to buy it so if he wants to be an idiot about it you both...

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If you continue your game in Batman Arkham City (PC) the game crashes & your save file gets corrupted?

my solution is: if Batman is outside or at the top of a Building & the game AUTOSAVEs, dont exit the game b'coz it will crash if you continue & your save file will be corrupt (dont exit the game when you're outside). instead Go inside a Building...


Continue game

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How can I transfer a Fallout 3 game save from PC to PS3?

My fat PS3 broke, so I got a new slim. I know there's pretty much no way to get my game saves back from the old PS3 unless I get it fixed, but there was pretty much only one game save I wish I backed-up, Fallout 3 (Game of the Year Edition, to be specific...


Its safe and its pretty easy too, Im pretty sure the trophies wouldnt transfer cause I transfered a...

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PC CD ROM game?

where can i buy a pc cd game i dont want to download the game,i want to run the game in my cd rom drive.the game is called (atlantis sky patrol) thanks


What kind of question is that? Where can I buy a PC cd game? @ the PC CD game store, of course....

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