How to stop a PC game from lagging?

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How to Make a Video Game Stop Lagging on Windows: 5 Steps

How to Make a Video Game Stop Lagging on Windows. Lots of games can lag. ... This article is for those who love PC games, but hate those annoying lags.

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How do I increase the frames per second or stop a game from "lagging" on pc?

I have a windows 7 pc of with an intel graphics card, I have 4 gigs of ram and 300 gigs of space that I bought around 5 months ago and I recently bought a game called Arma 2 which is like battlefield 3 but I'd like to know how to stop it from being REALLY...


Your last resort is your only resort because the problem is your Intel graphics chip. Intel chips are...

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Will a video card work with my pc to stop my counterstrike source game from lagging?

My pc is a compaq presario with a intel celeron processor 530 with 120 gb of hard drive and 1024 DDR2. WILL A VID CARD BE RIGHT FOR ME?


might i recomend buying a new PC,one your processor blows, two compaq sucks, and ya a new video card...

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How do I stop my PC from lagging when playing pc games?

I can't really play pc games that much because of my lagging pc. My games just seem to slow down and lag whenever I play them. Some games literally unplayable. Even the low more


Sadly the only simple answer is the computer hardware is the problem. Any computer used for gaming needs...

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Will another router make my game stop lagging?

I recently bought a new computer in order to be able to play Diablo 3. I love it but the game is running really slow and lags. I'm on a wireless hookup through my boyfriends moms router. Her router is on the other side of the house though. Connected...


The lag is either due to not enough bandwidth or the computer isn't powerful enough to run the game...

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How to stop pc games lagging?

i was playing test drive unlimited for pc and for some reason it always starts lagging. Its sort of like slow motion and stopping then going? My pc specs: 512mb RAM, 2.80ghz, windows more


Pretty old Pentium chipset and you would need a video card to run the game im sure.

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Speed up my pc will stop video lagging?

I recently downloaded Avatar: The Extended Edition in HD to my hard drive. It is absolutely beautiful quality but a rather large file (15gb to be precise) It actually runs pretty well but every now and then it freezes and takes a minute to continue playing...


Try lowering the resolution on your video card. It's probably not up to par to play that video.

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My pc game keeps lagging?

i bought assassin's creed for the pc ( i have a vista ) and it is lagging really bad! the background characters don't have faces, the guy moves really slow and it's so more


it's a sign from jesus that he wants you to stop!

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Help me stop lagging on mw2 pc!?

ever since i got the game the multiplayer one keeps lagging and i put my graphics low but still laggy help plz


Lagging as in what? Lag as in "high latency" or lag as in "low FPS"? If you have...

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A hacker hacked my game :( and its lagging even after i cleaned my pc and reinstalled it?

even after i uninstalled it an reisnatlled it 5 times it still has big lag , before my game was hacked it used to have small ping i tried to clean my pc but it wont work im guessing there should be a folder with files from this game so i can delete them...


It sounds like it is not your game more your connection like someone is stealing your bandwidth, Try...

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