How To See Private Tagged Photos Of Friends On Facebook?

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Facebook Photo Search Privacy | POPSUGAR Tech

... of our Facebook photos were not as private as ... of a friend whose photos you want to see, ... they're tagged in, you can still see the photos if you ...

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It's friends of friends. You can go to your profile settings and change what you see on your newsfeed...

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Friends can't see my tagged photos on facebook?

okay so A and B are both my friends and C is also one of my friends but is not friends with A or B. C cannot see my tagged photo in B's album but C can see my tagged photo in A's album but not the rest of A's album just the tagged pictures of me. A and...


Well you can ask your friends to change their privacy settings but i doubt they would want to do that...

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Why cant some of my friends see my tagged photos on facebook?

about 3 months ago i changed my settings so that only i could see my tagged photos, but then i changed it bac so that my friends could see it. so when i told my friend to look at the pics on my page she couldnt see it...or anything other type of media...


well facebook is all about talking to each other. some people like it when you talk to them first and...

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It still is possible. All that you have to do is go to privacy settings and set the visibility of tags...

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Is there a way for friends to see the places you have been tagged on facebook but not the photos or videos...?

... you have tagged in ! I know on the privacy settings, it groups posts, places photos and videos into one option therefore you can't choose for people to see the posts you are tagged in but not the photos you are tagged in. Is there a way around this...


Go to privacy settings>customise settings>scroll down> 'Things others share'> Photos and...

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Friends cant see my tagged photos on facebook?

My friends cant see many of my tagged photos. im wondering if that's because those photos were uploaded by a nonmutual friend?


Go Account, in the upper right corner. Then, from the drop down menu, select Privacy Settings. At the...

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Facebook - can friends of people tagged see my photos?

I know the privacy settings have changed, so that now friends of friends can comment & like photos even if you are not friends with them yourself. I have set some photos to more


Only the photo that their friend was tagged in, but they won't see the album.

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