How To Set Cell Background Image In Iphone?

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iPhone:How to set background image for tablerow cell?

I want to put some background image for TableView row cell. I am using the following code: - (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath { ..................... ................... UIImage * backgroundImage = [UIImage imageNamed:@"cell.png"]; UIColor *backgroundColor = [[UIColor alloc] initWithPatternImage:backgroundImage]; cell.opaque = NO; cell.contentView.opaque = NO; cell.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor]; cell.backgroundColor...


This is by far the best tutorial I've ever read on UITableView customization:

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Step 1: Launch WinterBoard. Then, click the box that says Select Themes.Step 2: From there, tap the...

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IPhone help with wallpaper/backgrounds ?

I have the iPhone 3gs. Ever since i got it i wanted to set an image as my background. I can only set an image as the lock screen but i cannot make it for both. For example when i go onto the Camera Roll and i tap the little icon in the bottom left hand...


On the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 you can set an image for the Lock Screen and your Home Screen. On the...

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HTML - Text flowing outside of table cell?

Dear Fellow Users, I am coding a website and in one of the text boxes, I have simply taken an image and set it as a background image so I can type over it. When I add content, it does not wrap around the cell, rather expand the cell causing the text...


Try using the overflow attribute to control the container. You gave no link to problem page, nor code...

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Excelconditional format using vb

Hope you could help. I¡¯ve been working on a file that requires VB macros since I use2003 and the conditional formatting only allows me up to 3 conditions. Image below is WA-100822.xls Image below is Printhttp://i...


Polo, Yes. Conditional formatting supports 3 conditions in Excel 2003 and earlier. You only show two...

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Dynamic changes to the cells based on conditions

QUESTION: Greetings!!! How to Change background color of a cell based on the value of previous cell For Example If value of cell is nagative, the color of adjucent cell must be Red, If value of cell is Zero, the color of adjucent cell must be Yellow...


Sorry, Maybe I confused myself What I meant is IT IS possible in 2007, the conditional formatting menu...

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Merging cells in a mstable

QUESTION: Hoping you can help me out with a macro to merge cells in a table. The table will always have two columns, and be arranged as: C1 C2 R1 | name1 | | R2 | | Atext1 | R3 | | Atext2 | R4 | | Atext3 | R5 | name2 | | R6 | | Btext1 | R7 | | Btext...


Have you tried creating a macro from the first time you start to clean up the file you receive, including...

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Help a longtime Mac user switch to Windows.

I haven't used Windows since the year 2000, but a new job means this longtime Mac user needs to learn how to. A couple specifics related to image editing and task management software plus general words of wisdom/ encouragement requested within. In addition...


1. Paint.NET is really quite good. 3. WINDOWS KEY-TAB to flip between programs with preview is a nice...

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HTML: How can I set an background image to be the full size of the in IE?

The following works fine in Chrome, but not in IE: <td width="617px" height="600" background="images/myphoto.jpg" STYLE="background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: 100%;"> I want to set it as a background...


"background-size: cover" is invalid in some brosers: background-size: cover; -moz-background...

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My desktop background won't change from just colors-even if i find an image and click set as background?

okay, so when i go to change my desktop background, all of the choices are grayed out including "browse" even when i go to an internet image and right click and choose set as background, it won't show up over the color. PLEASE help! it gets...


Wow, this is a good one. Okay. I'm thinking active content issues here. Try. Right click a blank part...

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