How to add background image from OpenGL ES to iPhone?

Let’s learn how to add background image from OpenGL ES to iPhone. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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iPhone OpenGL : Adding a background image - Stack Overflow

Right so I got all my lovely openGL stuff working and I can change the background colour via the property of the view or even the window however for the love of god I ...

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Can I access the camera view and use advanced OpenGL ES graphics in a Newsstand app?

I want to add advanced OpenGL ES graphics and augmented reality features to a Newsstand app - is this possible? Are there any restrictions on what a Newsstand app can do, or is it just any app with the added functionality of background issue download...


Technically, yes you can use but i am not sure whether you can publish it on appstore.

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How to add background image to css?

Yea, i need to figure out a way to add a background image to my css but the code from w3schools isn't working: (Which is, background-image:url (link); ) I'll post my code, YES, i am very new to programming, but please tell me where or why this code isn...


Background Image Code: For the body tag example: body { width: XXXpx; height: YYYpx; /* optional */...

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How do i add background image to tumblr using css?

I want to make my background on my tumblr fixed, and i am using a custom css code that i hope will work. This is the code. body { width: XXpx; height: YYpx; margin: 0 auto; background: #fff url(image_name.jpg) repeat top left scroll; } How do i add my...


Putting a background in your theme:… http://tumblring...

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How to add a image to a video without the white background- premier pro and Photoshop CS6?

such as adding a logo without the white background even when i remove the background with the magic wand so theres no background when i save it as a .jpeg i have the image and the more


As Michael mentioned.. you need to save as a PNG or you can even use the original PSD.

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Is it possible to add glow/shadow/outline to an image in CSS if it has a transparent background?

like say I had an image 500x500 and the whole image was transparent(background wise) except a 30x30 object in the middle and I wanted to add a glow to it. How would I go about doing that?


Better done using a good graphics editor, but maybe... Using CSS3 box-shadow to create a glow effect...

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Hi How Would I Add An Image To A Rectangle Using Java OpenGL?

Hi I'm basically creating a menu for an application with java and would like to add an image to a rectangle (the rectangle is only there for collision detection). just wondered how i would do this . thanks for any helpful answers in advance josh


That question is actually a lot more complicated than you make it sound. If you insist on using OpenGL...

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How do I add an image from my Quora iPhone app?

Is adding an image from the iPhone app the same as adding an image from the website?  How do you do it?


Yes. See here:

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How do i add my own image as a background on myspace?

I dont know how to personalize myspace page I want to put my own image choice as the background


You have to use a Myspace Layout Generator to make your own layout.

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How do I add a background image to my tumblr?

I'm using the 'like the sun' theme and it has a boring white background and I want to change that to an image how do I do that?


Though what the first person said could be right. There's a tutorial that is a bit more clear on how...

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