How To Test My Internet Speed?

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The internet speed test?

please what is the best site to test the speed of the internet?

Answer: there are others, but this one is easy. FYI-this is the new version of speedtest...

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How to test wireless speed (not internet speed)?

Is there a program or a way in Windows 7 to test a router's wireless speed. I'm not talking about internet, just the wireless signal. I want to test like how fast my router can transfer data over wireless. Is this possible?


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How could my internet be slow, but a speed test and latency test be high?

My internet is really slow sometimes. Sometimes I cant steam 240p youtube videos without waiting. And right now its taking me 3 hours to download 350MB from megavideo. But a speed test shows 5Mb and a ping test shows 70ms Im sure its not a virus, anyone...


most sites dont have very fast upload speed. its most likely that porn you downloading in the background...

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How/where can I test my internet speed?

I have had Comcast for a long time. I usually have no problems with anything. I just changed accounts like a week ago and the internet seems likes it is taking forever...some times pages like Yahoo will not even load. I have to close firefox and start...


There are many speed testers out there, one that I have recently tried can be found here: http://computerloop...

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How do i test my internet connection speed for steam?

Is it the download speed? i did a test on got 6.2, if that's the speed im sposed to test how do i change it to k?


One Megabit is exactly 125 Kilobytes. If you want the speed in Kilobytes per second (KB/s) to use for...

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How Can I Test The Speed Of My Internet Connection?

How Can I Test The Speed Of My Internet Connection?


You can test your internet speed on the following sites. (for speakeasy...

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How to read my internet speed test from

I just got Verizon Fios and I'm supposed to have the 20Mbps/5Mbps internet speed. I don't know what that means though. I knows its not the slowest option they offer but not more


I agree that you do not get what you paid. However there are several factors you should consider first...

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I am looking of javascript code for Internet speed test. I want to make Internet speed test site.?

I am looking a javascript code or any kind of code for Internet Speed test. I want to make a html website where people can do Internet Speed Test.


you can find it from you can also have a php code for measuring a web site speed...

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Do I have a good internet speed, I went to this speed test site, help..?

Please can someone who knows about this stuff tell me if this is a good internet? Results: - Download speed: 5.42 Mb's/second - Upload speed: 1 Mb's/second Is this a good internet speed? here's the site:


This website show sometimes wrong results so go check for If it still give you same speed...

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Internet Speed Test Questions?

I just did a speed test on and have a few questions. According to the test, my download speed is 742 kb/s and my upload speed is 127 kb/s, which is extremely bad. When I looked up the stats for how fast Verizon DSL can go (my ISP), it says...


Before you go any further, did you invoke wireless security? Hackers will hog bandwidth without your...

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