How To Use the Graph API to Upload Photos to a user’s profile?

Let’s learn how To Use the Graph API to Upload Photos to a user’s profile. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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How-To: Use the Graph API to Upload Photos to a user’s profile

I am developing an application which uploads images into user's profile.I manage to do this by referring this blog Everything works fine and display the 'id' of the uploaded image. Now I want to take this id into a variable and pass it to another file without displaying 'id' of the image(Lets say I want to pass this id into a.php file and display the 'id' using 'echo' command). Can any one help me to do this? I think this is not a difficult task...


What do you mean by "pass into another php file?" If you mean reload the page but with passing...

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How does MyPad (Facebook for iPad) get around the Graph API Limitation that only allows an app to pull photos associated with a friend who has installed the app?

In MyPad, I can navigate to any user's profile I want and view their photos. This requires pulling all photos for that user. However, it seems like the Graph API limits the ability to pull photos to only those that have installed the app.


Request the friends_photos permission when your users connect with facebook.

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Wouldn't the Facebook Graph API leak key information about users to its competitors (aka Google, Diaspora etc)?

We have quite a bit of information about the logic of Facebook user IDs from the following Quora post. Which logic do Facebook user IDs follow? This in addition to the Graph API or perhaps FQL can help competitors of Facebook to easily get information...


More importantly, is Facebook's TOS prohibition of copying "its" social graph in Facebook...

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How to use Facebook graph API?

How to use Facebook Graph API. I'm making a simple PHP page in which user will provide their e-mail id and it will return their full profile name from facebook. How do I do it??


FB API is probably the most unreliable API ever created. The documentation is ALWAYS incomplete... or...

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Is Flickr's use of Creative Commons valid?

Creative Commons licenses have been quite popular any time recently, but some uses make me question CC licenses in general and their effectiveness in particular. This is what raises the following questions for me: 1) Flickr lets photographers attach...


The question suggests that this is Flickr's use of a Creative Commons license. Actually it is the photographers...

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Would Facebook Engineers Listen to me?

Ok, Facebook listen up, I use you daily and would say am quite in love with you, addicted, or whatever…I am extremely tired of logging in to see the same stuff and then having to scroll up and down to see what stuff friends have posted, what news...


No, because not only are your ideas not very good, they are not grounded in data to show that the product...

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If I wanted to write an algorithm to calculate the similarity between two users (who are not friends, or have any common friends) on Facebook, how would I go about doing it?

I am using this algorithm towards a recommendation engine which tries to cluster 'similar' people together, but I am not sure what metric to use? Use Graph API to extract all likes and biographical data - and do a simple % match between two users Use...


No. 1 seems to be more useful. User 'likes' although noisy (we like something and then after a while...

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Multiple image-related blog problems

I'm suddenly having multiple problems with my blog, and I've Googled as specifically as I could without much success. Problems involve Wordpress, Flickr, Gravatar, and images in general. I had no problems a week ago. I'm working on non-blog things for...


To summarize the problems: 1. Can't post to blog from Flickr 2. Gravatars are also not showing and image...

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Which database is best for creating a social networking application?

I know this question has been asked by many other users. But i have an exact estimate of the number of users and structure of my social networking application. I want to create a social networking application in Android for my university. Maximum number...


MySQL can easily hold this data. We have implemented social graphs on it with several million profiles...

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Can you "POST" changes to a user's Facebook profile via the Graph API?

For example; is it possible to edit the user's "bio" or "about me" section of their profile via the graph API?


My understanding is that the graph API is entirely read-only - at this point. I wonder what plans Facebook...

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