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How to use google calendar api in android?

Hi all I am new to android. I parsed the calendar file. I need to add events to Google calendar from my application. I am using eclipse ide. In eclipse how to use the Google calendar api? Any jar file is needed to use the calendar api?


use this code: Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_EDIT); intent.setType("

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What is the cost of using the Google Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks API?

Is there a cost associated with the use of the Google Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks API? I can find data on Maps API costs, but nothing for these other API's.


Use of most of our APIs are at no cost to you. You found pricing information for the Google Maps APIs...

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Is there a way to use a google calendar and outlook exchange without completely mixing the two and can they be synced differently on different computers?

Is there a way to use a google calendar and outlook exchange without completely mixing the two and can they be synced differently on different computers? I have a work computer and a home computer (both Windows XP). At home I use google calendar. At...


Do you need to be able to add/edit Outlook appointments from your PDA? If not, then you can explore...

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Can I use the Google maps API on IOS 6 with Mapkit?

The google maps api clearly states that you must display the results on a Google map.  IOS 6 mapkit is no longer a google map.  Does that mean, I can no longer use the Google API if I want to display on the native Mapkit?  If so what are the alternatives...


No, you cannot mix the APIs and produce one app that utilizes both. This is one of the complaints people...

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Does Google allow any free use of its Adwords API?

How does Google charge for use of its Adwords API tool when using it to import keyword search volume into Google docs? I sifted through a fair bit of documentation, but didn't get their system for charging for data use. For example: - Is there a specific...


As of March 1, 2013, there is no charge to use the AdWords API.  See New simplified Adwords API pricing...

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How do I use Google Maps API on Arduino board?

I want to obtain direction data from using Google Maps API on my custom Arduino board.How can i interface it?If not Google Maps API, is there any other API that i can use?


I think this API is the one that would suit your needs. There's...

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Does 37signals use Google products, such as Gmail or Google Calendar?

Just out of curiosity -- is 37signals using Google products, like Google Gmail, Calendar, etc.? Or are they pretty solid with their own infrastructure? Or do they outsource mail to somebody else and use Basecamp as their primary "calendar"...


The new Basecamp calendar is very neat but the challenge for many teams is adoption for a project management...

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Over 100 million people own a personal digital calendar (Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar)... but less than 1% actually use them. Why?

While I don't have insider knowledge of actual stats on individual calendar usage from each major calendar company (Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, Yahoo, etc), what I can say is that, over the past 5yrs, my experience in working to sync Tandem with each...


The learning curve with online calendaring - especially compared to other PIM applications - can't be...

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Why does Google charge for use of the AdWords API? I expected to find a data export API similar to the API provided by Google Analytics, but I was disappointed to see that all API calls cost money. Why would they not want users to build their own reports and dashboards...


Some good discussion of this issue in the comments to http://googlepublicpolicy.blogsp.... It appears...

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What apps do people use to sync their To-Do list between OSX, iOS, and Google Calendar?

In the past, I've been adding my todos as calendar events on Google Calendar. Unfortunately, if I use Siri to add events they end up syncing with iCal. I want a way to see all of my todos in one central place that works with Siri and syncs between Google...


Fantastical Calendar is an option to tie things up between all these.

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