How to change info Window style in Google Maps API?

Let’s learn how to change info Window style in Google Maps API. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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The better way to use Jquery with Google maps API, change InfoWindow style

I used to work with Jquery and Google maps API, and i've found some answers here, but i didn't found any workable examples. Please if you have one, or just give me a link.


You cannot change the infowindow style - you might have to implement your own custom overlay such as...

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Google API Problem First to Solve is Best Answer?

Info windows are displaying the same thing in every window which just happens to be the last item in the xml file I am importing from. In addition the clickable sidebar is empty. All the code is found at the following link ( a forum post that I made...


It looks like you have a brace { problem } in the code after // Read the data from test1.xml Looks like...

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Twilight movie information found HERE?

This is not a question but here is all the twilight the movi info I have- BOOK AND MOVIE DIFFERENCES AND SIMILARIITIES Rosalie doesn't drive a BMW convertible, but a Mercedes convertible. It's still red though. My theory, Summit got a deal on the cars...


That's awesome!! Where did you get all your info?

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Google Maps info window too big! MUST CONTROL!

How do I control the size of the info window on my Google Maps? I'm using the "My Maps" function on Google Maps, but (at least in IE6) the info windows are at least 535 pixels wide, no matter how much (or how little) content goes inside. That...


Have I stumped mefi? :-(

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How can I reach a human being for service/support at Google +? NOT the ineffective Google + Help forum since that support option requires a working Google + profile to use. I appealed & gave required info & copy of passport. A week later and no change. *UPDATE* Appeal denied! WTF?

UPDATE: And I just received an email stating my appeal was denied. So I re-sent the exact same information.  How they cannot tell that 1) I am not impersonating myself, 2) My name is my real name, based on this information, is beyond me.  WTF is wrong...


May help. I'm not sure. Don't personally use Google+ or any of their stuff other then mail and YouTube...

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Does Google offer its Maps API to the public?

I'm talking about the real Google Maps API. For example, when you type "starbucks market st" in Google Maps, it will return results that match that query. If you do that in Google's V3 Javascript API (, it...


You will need to create your own autocomplete suggestions box, using the Google Web Search API: http...

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Why am I getting this Error with my google maps API key?

I am trying to get google maps to work on my website. I found this jquery plugin: When I inserted it on my website and entered in my API key I get this error on my website: Google has disabled use of the Maps API for...


The gMap documentation ( starts with: Requirements There are a two...

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Google maps API explanation

Can someone explain google maps API to me? I know very little about coding and web development. Basically, I want to map certain places of interest in cities across north America. I'm interested in using API because I will be using a very large number...


You might be interested in Fusion Tables, which will let you upload your data points in a .csv file...

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Why doesn't Google's Static Maps API deliver the same imagery as Google Maps?

There's often a big difference if I compare Google's public Maps data vs. the data Google delivers via Static Maps API, e.g. vs.


I don't work for Google, but I've used the maps API a bit, and here's my speculation: In a lot of cases...

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Will the changes to the Google Maps API terms of service kill any large scale project?

Last friday Google has announced changes to their maps API TOS: http://googlegeodevelopers.blogs... If I understand them correctly they bring along two major threats to many maps mashups: - A new daily limit of 25k "maps" - An obligation to...


While the numbers with »transaction limits« are well defined, the term »maps« is not - at least...

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