How to get data from google directions API?

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How to get compact data (without whitespaces) from Google Directions API?

Hi all I'm using Google Directions API and the data returned from a test query look like this: Example: { "routes" : [ { "bounds" : { "northeast" : { "lat" : 42.46015000 .. .. .. I was wondering is there an option I can specify to get the data in compact-mode (without the whitespaces) ?


The option is not available.

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How can we get faster access to Google Analytics data export API ?

We've built a web analytics dashboard with data we "export" from Google Analytics for a customer in real time. We chose for safety reasons not to store the trafic data so each time the dashboards have to connect to Google Analytics to get the...


It sounds like you can't either cache or store the data you get. I agree with Claudiu Murariu that it...

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Does the Google Maps API or any other API include real-time traffic when calculating directions?

We need to calculate the time it takes to get from point "a" to point "b" including traffic.


Google Maps launched "Time in Current Traffic" for the Maps API on the 4th of October 201...

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How does Feedly get data from Google Reader?

As far as I know, there's no official API to get a user's Google Reader data. How does Feedly, Pulse and other applications achieve this?


While not a Feedly user myself I believe it uses the undocumented API of Google Reader. Information...

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Which is a better choice: Ruby on Rails, Java with Google App Engine for SaaS and Android app development?

Hello, Since I'm in the process of building an Android app on custom platform I'm in need of some advices/clarification on a few of my technical choices considering I'm building it myself. To shorten I will clarify some key segments of the platform and...


Ruby on Rails. It is very easy to learn the language and every thing you need to know will be easily...

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Is Google intentionally trying to kill rank checking (SERP lookup) by closing their Web API?

Currently companies like,, etc. lookup rankings for sites and their keywords (SERPS) using the Google Web API which allows you to query any keyword and get the first 500 results for that keyword, which made it easy to check the...


I'm not sure I agree with Adam Lasnik entirely, but there is certainly a huge shift away from using...

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HTTP POST with Basic Auth in Google Docs Spreadsheet API?

Can I do an HTTP POST with Basic Authentication in the Google Docs Spreadsheet API? I'm just beginning to learn the Google Docs Spreadsheet API, and I'm trying to reproduce some functionality that I've basically only been able to do in Excel with VBA...


Are you trying to do this with a formula in a cell to reference outside information?

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Does Google allow any free use of its Adwords API?

How does Google charge for use of its Adwords API tool when using it to import keyword search volume into Google docs? I sifted through a fair bit of documentation, but didn't get their system for charging for data use. For example: - Is there a specific...


As of March 1, 2013, there is no charge to use the AdWords API.  See New simplified Adwords API pricing...

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2013: Which places API to use?

Most of the questions related to places API are 2/3 year old (when lt was hot) so asking again... Short question: How should I get location data to build Yelp/Foursquare alike app. Details: There are many different "places" API providers like...


The number of Place data providers has consolidated in the last three years.  You're now looking pretty...

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What are the typical sources for data visualizations of web data?

Like usage for: Quora, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. I'm remotely aware of something that some of these sites have APIs, that can be used for extracting data but are not exclusively for that purpose (?). If not, it seems that you could write a...


I've had a number of conversations in our Thought Leaders in Big Data series of interviews on the One...

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