How to get contacts using address book API in ios programming?

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how to get contacts using address book API in ios programming?

I have a question. I am new to this ios programming. I am doing an app which is basically similar to the address book in iphone. I need to get all the contacts from the address book and show them in table view. Can anyone please help me how to get the contacts using address book Api? I would appreciate your help.


Read and follow Apple's Address Book Programming Guide for iOS. Then come back here with specific questions...

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What is the most efficient and robust way to create a city map using Google Maps API?

I would like to create a city map, address book and business listing directory for a city in Africa which I want to use for a navigation app. What would be the best way to do this? I know Google Maps is a good starting point but i haven't had the time...


If I understand you correctly, you want to map a city in Africa which is not currently mapped in Google...

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How can someone get my e-mail address book and send a scam to all my contacts using my name?

Someone hacked my e-mail and sent a letter to ALL my contacts claiming I was in Nigeria and needed them to wire me money via Western Union. Obviously it was a scam but how can this be prevented???


Unfortunately it can't, but I was told to change my password often, so they can't get access into your...

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Help My yahoo address book is stolen and using for advertisement to my contacts.?

Please help someone is tracking my yahoo address book and using it for his advertisement and many time I update my address book but its remove it self and all the email address are gone from address book and My all contacts receiving mails from my id...


I am having same no help at all.I have emailed them, with no reply. My email is sending...

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How can I get my outlook for Mac Contacts to overwrite my Mac Address Book?

I'm having a sync issue that I'm dying to resolve. I sync my Iphone to my mac and get my contacts copied from my Iphone to my outlook Contacts. All great so far. Problem starts when my Address Book on my mac kicks in few minutes later and overwrites...


its better u view the user guide once

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When you import your address book contacts into yahoo messenger, do you have to get permission?

If someone is in your address book and they have yahoo messenger, it automatically shows them in the mailbox chat bar right? So, any person that you've ever emailed with a yahoo address will show up on that list on the side of your email chat? I'm wondering...


Every contact that will be shown in that list will receive a request from you. It's the same thing like...

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If it is another Yahoo account: Go to your OLD address book there is a link towards the top right that...

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How do I get my iPhone contacts imported to Address book on my mac?

They used to ALL be there, but just of last night, they all disappeared and so did my iPhone contacts, so my address book was GONE and ALL my contacts, how do I get them synced to my address book!? Please help me!


You can download a iphone transfer to copy your contacts to mac computer. And the iPhone to Mac Transfer...

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How can I get changes made to my iPhone contacts to update my Yahoo address book?

I have my iPhone synced to my Yahoo contacts. When I add or change an address in Yahoo on my computer, my iPhone gets updated, but when I add a contact on my iPhone, my Yahoo address book online doesn't get updated. Is there a way to allow changes on...


Just go into iTunes, go to the options for your iPhone, and under the options tab where your mail, contacts...

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How do I get address book to only show contacts and not list in messenger?

I have a list of contacts for emails, and a list of contacts for messenger. When I forward or send an email and click the 'To' button, it gives me both. Most are the same so it is putting them up there twice. How do I stop this? I tried going through...


When you hit "Insert Addresses" there is a pull down menu of different lists that you have...

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