How do I get on the address book on the new Yahoo mail?

Let’s learn how do I get on the address book on the new Yahoo mail. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I get my address book back for mail on yahoo?

when I get mail and want to forward the mail on, I use my address book to forward and now that I have updated yahoo I have no address book. How can I get it back?


Yahoo has changed the name of the address book to "Contacts". In the updated version it has...

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How can I get rid of an Auto Complete entry in the Yahoo Mail address book?

I don't want to get rid of the contact, but the address has changed, and unfortunately the old address comes first alphabetically. So when I start typing [made-up address] moi...what comes up first is (old address), which I don't...


Open your Address Book, by clicking on the "Addresses" tab. Locate the address you want to...

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Yahoo do I get my address book on to the out going mail page it will not come over.peter222?

when forwarding mail the address book fails to move over to the outgoin mail page


After you click on Forward, click on "To" and your address book for mailing should open. From...

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How did my address book get busted in but not hot mail or gmail?? should I quit using yahoo mail?

should I quit using yahoo mail since it was busted into and emails sent in my name


Hi, Dorothy, How are your security measures ? I am going to add some information to help with the Address...

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How to get rid of a virus in my yahoo mail, keeps sending spam to my address book, can't get rid of it, only?

there is some virus that keeps sending spam to everyone in my address book, can't make it quit. It's only in the yahoo mail, so embarrassing, my friends think it's me sending viruses to them


It is probably not exactly a virus. One possibility is that a spammer has your password and keeps sending...

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How can i get my address book back onto yahoo mail. ne?

list appears on left of screen. How can i recover all the data from CONTACTS & former format on yahoo?


Yahoo updated and reformatted the Contact list----this is how Yahoo designed it----and there's no way...

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Need to get my address book information from desk top to my address book in Yahoo e-mail address book?

transfer my desktop address book information to email address book


Visit and click on "Import/Export" in the top right. There are some...

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Have BT Yahoo Mail - after updating Yahoo tool bar, ran Spyware option, now cannot get pop-ups (address book)?

Have since deleted Yahoo toolbar as I though this might be blocking pop-ups - but problem persists. Could running Yahoo spyware have deleted something that now stops pop-ups. My email provider can log onto my account and get access to the address book...


If you have removed the yahoo toolbar, then the pop-up blocker is gone from the yahoo toolbar. To let...

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I am not sure what your problem is with your yahoo mail, but I don't have any trouble getting my mail...

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