How to open file using Google drive api?

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How to change permission of folder or file created in Google Drive using Google Drive Android API?

I'm using Google Drive Android API to store and share files and folders created. When I create a file/folder using Google Drive Android API,by default created file or folder is private (not shared publicly). When I share the link of file/folder created to any user, that user needs to send email request for access to owner. So owner have to make file/folder public manually in Google Drive to prevent access requests. Where as for Google Drive iOS API, when a file/folder is created, the file/folder...


Per DaImTo's comment: You can use GDAA and REST together, I have a side-by-side CRUD implementations...

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How much time does Google Drive take to process an uploaded video (any format) so that it can be played on Google Drive (using a browser) when we just click on the file in Drive to play it?

When a new video of any format is initially uploaded it shows up in the Drive folders but as soon as you click on it to run it, it doesn't directly open up on the Drive(browser), it gives download option only and online viewing option takes time to directly...


As Sam's pointed out already, once your video has finished uploading, the file gets converted into a...

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Can I hide the document owner when I share it using Google drive ?

I want to share a file using Google drive and I don't want people to see my name on it


No, you can't.

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Burn error at 98% to 99% using Nero and DVD Shrink...Computer Whizz Advice required -TOP POINTS TO BEST ANSWER

I would like to know what the problem is with both Nero and DVD Shrink on my computer. The problem has been going on for about 1 month. I have tried every possible action from deleting and re-installing Nero and DVD Shrink. The disc always seems to stop...


Since it always seems to happen towards the end of the burn you can try customizing the size of the...

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Easily Employed Shared Cloud Drive Solution?

Due to a new Vermont law, if a town has an official website, town committees must make their agendas available on the site within a certain amount of time, AND they must publish their minutes within 5 days of their meetings. I am the town webmaster and...


Use this to receive the file in, and just share out the GDrive folder link to the public?

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How to save Gmail emails to my hard drive?

How can I save a Gmail email to my hard drive? I’d like to be able to save a bunch Gmail messages as text files on my hard drive*, but am not having any luck. I have enabled POP access for my Gmail account according to Google's instructions...


I've almost the same thing, using Thunderbird to access Gmail and download the contents of my account...

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How can I create a cross-platform file-sharing virtual machine environment on a home laptop or desktop?

Basically I want to juggle various VMs on one single laptop (which I don't have, yet), sharing my work files between them, running safely, virtualizing my existing XP desktop in one VM, and transitioning from the ever more ominous big guys (Microsoft...


Rather than share filesystems, you probably want the host operating system to provide a network filesystem...

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How do I start using Tweepy? I keep getting the 403 error.

I am trying to develop a Twitter app using Python 2.7. I have absolutely no experience with Twitter development, and thus I've been trying to use online tutorials and resources to learn. I heard that Tweepy was really good, and so I downloaded Tweepy...


I think a format like Stackoverflow would be more appropriate for questions like these. But I shall...

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What would be the pros and cons of a file system that both allows items to be in multiple folders, and encourages this practice?

I know that most modern file systems have such things as junctions and symbolic links (or whatever their respective terminologies are) to make files appear in multiple locations, but those aren't very commonly used, at least not by most popular software...


Countless times I have had links to files in other folders, only to have those folders moved/removed...

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