How to upload file using ajax php?

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Ajax file upload

I want to upload a file using Ajax and php. I have a form with file inclusion tag. I want when user will browse a file and click on submit then file should be uploaded without refresh. How will i do this ?It does't matter if refresh occur but i want to upload file with help of ajax.


I did it with this jquery plugin. It pretty much mimics standard jquery ajax functionality, but also...

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HTTP file upload using PHP without libcurl?

I'm trying to upload a local file to a website of mine, I have a php script waiting to recieve the file, I've been only able to do this using libcurl, particularly this function: function upload($file,$name){ global $portal; $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt...


The elegant answer is PEAR: HTTP_Upload. About the same number of lines of code you are showing, but...

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Upload file using php code for Doc and pdf file?

Can anyone please tell me what changes i have to make in this code below to make this file upload restricted to doc, pdf, rtf only thank you <?php if more


$allowedExts = array("gif", "jpeg", "jpg", "png" , “pdf...

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Upload an image file using ajax jquery?

0    down vote         favorite                                               I have successfully used ajax formdata for file uploading,  however It does not work on versions of Internet Explorer lower than 10.  Is there any JQuery plugins that support...


Use HTML <form id="myForm" action="comment.php...

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What is the maximum size of a file that we can upload using PHP?

What type of files can be uploaded using PHP?


2 GB. This is because PHP internally uses a signed 32-bit integer type for file size, and the largest...

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PHP FTP file upload need to upload multiple files?

Hello, I am currently writing a PHP script that uses FTP to transfer images to my web server. I have it all working correctly using the following statement: $upload = ftp_put($conn_id, $target, $temp1, $temp2, FTP_BINARY); Basically I need to upload...


Hello, you can use that function The following is a fully tested function that recursively puts files...

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How do I pass a value to a PHP script using AJAX?

php file : <?php include 'conn.php'; $temp=$_POST['Imgname']; mysqli_query($con, ("Insert into TempTableForAjax values (2,'$temp')")); ?> //the $_POST['Imgname'] is always empty :/ the jquery : $.ajax({ type: "POST"...


use either $value_name = $_GET['value_name'] or $value_name = $POST['value_name'] in your PHP code....

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How to Show upload progress bar using php alone ?

How can i show uplaod progress using PHP alone.i have found codes on google search which uses perl along with php its not that i need .there are also codes which uses patch for php .but i need a code which uses php alone to show upload progress of file...


Try these:…

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How to upload a image using ajax in django?

Background : I have a simple model form with a image field. class XYZForm(ModelForm):     class Meta:         model = XYZ         fields = ( 'file',) The model is class XYZ(models.Model):     url = models.URLField(null = True)     file = models.ImageField...


This method works well: Also - unless you have a specific reason...

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Rename Remote/Local File Then Upload (PHP)?

I have a scenario (though been searching, have not found any lead yet) wherein user attempts to upload, but before clicking upload, user renames the filename/deletes the file. How do I capture this in code (PHP) once user clicks upload button? Please...


You can't capture the code directly, but a similar way is shown here:

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