How to upload file to google cloud storage using Java?

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Google Cloud Storage Java XML API chunk by chunk file upload

I'm using Google Cloud Storage Java XML API to upload a file from client into the Google Cloud Storage bucket. The file is getting uploaded successfully but I'm reading the entire file into the buffer before uploading it, thus I'm forced to allocate a buffer which is as big as size of the file. How to do a chunk by chunk upload so that I don't need to read entire file content into the buffer at once? Following is the piece of code I've used. What are the modifications to be done on this so that...


With XML API you can either implement resumable uploads (sorry, didn't find any code samples) or use...

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Are any ways to add own domain to my website and host it on Google Cloud Storage other than buying premium Google Apps?

I am new to Google Cloud Storage. I want to try Google Cloud Storage to host my web-site(web-app). Is it possible to upload my website to Google Cloud Storage and connect own domain without Google Apps premium subscription? If yes, please check my steps...


Follow the instructions here: Website Configuration

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Which one is better? Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3?

Currently my web application application is hosted on bare metal dedicated servers. I have 2 file storage servers (active and hot standby) containing (2TB of data) mostly user upload images which are being served through CDN. I am thinking to use cloud...


In general, it's not a great idea to use somebody else's remote cloud storage instead of your own local...

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Can I use Google Drive to archive family videos (.avi) from 8mm Sony tapes?

The files are 12-13GB Avi's. What are my options? I would like to Permanently Archive our Family Video Collection - Using Google Docs. After reviewing the following: I've noticed that Google states there is a 10GB...


Apparently it looks like Google can't go beyond 10GB  I'm busy researching...

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What would be the pros and cons of a file system that both allows items to be in multiple folders, and encourages this practice?

I know that most modern file systems have such things as junctions and symbolic links (or whatever their respective terminologies are) to make files appear in multiple locations, but those aren't very commonly used, at least not by most popular software...


Countless times I have had links to files in other folders, only to have those folders moved/removed...

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Will Dropbox increase free storage limit now that Yandex Disk launched with 10G free storage?

Yandex just launched Yandex.Disk, a Russian clone of Dropbox with 10G of free storage (3G on signup, 3G on software install on your PC/Mac, 2G on file upload and 2G on sending a referral email to a friend). Granted, the service...


The power behind dropbox isn't just the amount of storage space. It's how everything JUST WORKS! I do...

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How can I create a cross-platform file-sharing virtual machine environment on a home laptop or desktop?

Basically I want to juggle various VMs on one single laptop (which I don't have, yet), sharing my work files between them, running safely, virtualizing my existing XP desktop in one VM, and transitioning from the ever more ominous big guys (Microsoft...


Rather than share filesystems, you probably want the host operating system to provide a network filesystem...

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Cloud storage not backup

Are there any services that remove the need for local storage of a file (thinking specifically photos and video here), rather than relying on a local copy that simply creates a backup? Imagine a Lightroom photo library having all the photo previews cached...

Answer: may be part of the solution. is built on top os Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier...

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What is the best strategy for encrypting files at rest in Ruby?

I am building a Rails 3.0.7 app with Ruby 1.9.2.  We use the Carrierwave gem to handle file uploads.  I would like to insert pre-processing of the files to encrypt them at rest, and decrypt them prior to download by users.  I can access the file data...


Some points: Performance: You are going to want to encrypt the files with a stream cipher - probably...

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I need some help syncing my files.

I need an alternative to Google Drive that's going to work well with all my little snowflake snowflakes. And there are a bunch. I have 125GB of content in 163,323 files, 10,680 folders. My working environment involves three computers - 1 desktop, 2 laptops...


Dropbox is great, and worth the small extra cost. Google can obviously price things a bit lower since...

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