How To View Private Facebook Photos On Ipod?

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How to View Private Facebook Profiles | Your Profile Isn't ...

There are many reasons why you would want to view a private Facebook ... They like to get professional pictures taken of ... MAKE EVERYTHING PRIVATE so ...

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Can you view your friends photos on facebook when using ipod touch?

I just added my friend and he is using his ipod touch to access facebook, can he click on my photos and see them? thanks



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This is really really really really really really bad. I just recently found out that people with at least 30+ mutual friends can view your profile picture photos regardless if you're connected with them as friends. This totally breaches our privacy...


Why do you even care? They can't do anything to you.

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How do I get "View Photos of ___" to appear below profile pic on Facebook?

I've noticed that a lot of Facebook users have a list of options directly underneath their profile picture. Things like "View Photos of _____" "Send ____ a Message." And other users do not have this list. I have a photos tab on my...


you can go "privacy", later "profile". and then you'll see "photos tagged of...

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How do you view your photos/videos or anyone's photos/videos on the NEW Facebook?

I've got the new Facebook but I don't know how to view photos or videos :/ Can anyone please help me? Maybe a step-by-step guide? :) Thank You! God Bless :) <3


Well I'm not too sure what you mean by the NEW Facebook but as far as I know you can access pictures...

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On facebook, if the privacy settings show that someone can't view photos I'm tagged in, does that mean?

if I tag myself in someone elses photos, the person I set to not see photos I'm tagged in can't see them? Like say, my friend put vacation pictures that I'm in on her sight, If I tag myself in them and set my privacty where i don't want this other person...



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I can't view photos In facebook?

So, this problem just occurred recently, I'm viewing some photos of my friends, and my photos as well, but I can't view it. It just don't show up. I tried to open facebook more


Try turning off your Facebook secure connection. Account setting > Security tab > Secure browsing...

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Can I upload photos onto facebook from a ipod touch 4th gen?

I'm gonna be getting a new ipod touch soon, but was wondering if I would be able to take photos on it, and then upload them onto my facebook. I don't have a camera, or a laptop so that's why I was wondering whether or not and ipod touch can do that....


Indeed! Log onto your FB account then view the sidebar, scroll down and there should be a tab that says...

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Can't view whole facebook page using iPod touch?

when I try to log on all I can see is the top blue bar and the "facebook" link. I've tried clearing the cache, cookies, and history then signing in and out. I still can only view it sometimes. but I can get on it via the help page, but not...


Yeah I'm having the same exact problem. Don't know what's wrong.

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Facebook "view photos of me" help?

You know the link that says "view photos of me" under the picture? I accidentally xed out and clicked remove box or something and now I can't see my own tagged photos more


go in some1 profile check their photos. if you cn see thm still it means nothing wrong if not try adding...

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