How big should a messenger bag be?

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Messenger bag or handlebar basket?

Fairly straightforward question the answer to which I presume depends upon ride distance, terrain, bike type, and bag weight, but I'm hoping there's a rule of thumb that generally applies to all scenarios. This question dawned on me as I was mounting a Citi Bike last night: Should I keep my messenger bag (weighing about 15 lbs.) strapped to my back, or should I secure it in the "protective rack" attached to the handlebars? My thinking at the time: The bag would fit perfectly, but it...


Bikeshare bikes are beasts, and their geometry (long wheelbases, particularly) is such that I wouldn...

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How big is a messenger bag?

a messenger bag for school


It depends on the bag lmao. Some messenger bags are bigger than other. Online you could tell the length...

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It's big, possibly big enough, but it wasn't big enough for me in 7th grade.

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How Do You Make A Purse Or A Messenger Bag?

My 4 Month Old Daughter has short gut, and when she finally comes home, we have to carry her IV bags and pumps everywhere...obviously they are connected to her. But I was wanting to make a bag for me to carry with the IV bags and pumps in. I could buy...


This link takes you to a collection of purses, totes and messenger bag patterns: http://henriettashandbags...

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How do you make a messenger bag?

I really want this messenger bag but my mom wont let me get it so how can i make one or where can i go to find out how to make one. Heres a picture of it:…


i've made a tote bag before, but never a messenger bag. umm, i googled "how to make a messenger...

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How do u wear a messenger bag?

I recently bought a Nike messenger bag!! n was wondering how exactly do u wear it?!! ive searched for a while on the internet but couldnt find any help!!!


This is how it is normally carried. Hope this helps.

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How do I fix a broken strap on a messenger bag?

I just bought this new Swiss messenger bag and today the overhead strap broken completely at the seam (carabiner is intact). What's the best way to fix this? With glue? if so what kind? Would the store (TJ-MAxx) take it back for an exchange?


Is there a warranty on the bag? If so, check that and see if there are instructions for using it. If...

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How do you make a duct tape messenger bag?

I saw on YouTube the cool messenger bags that ducttapecreations808 make, and other people's who got the idea from her. they have all the cool pockets on the front and stuff. Does anyone know how to make these? Or does anyone know a video link on how...


Google it. I made one once, and just from reading some sites I found on it when I searched Google. Really...

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Would a cath kidston messenger bag be big enough for school?

Im sixteen going to be a senior, so i would be carrying ALOT of stuff wth me. Just wondered if its big enough and can it fit an A4 folder in it. thanks


Don't you know how big the bag is? If you've found a bag you want you surely must know how big it is...

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Messenger bags come in many different sizes - for instance, popular Timbuk2 bags come in S (14.5"...

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