How can I add someone to my address book on Yahoo?

Let’s learn how can I add someone to my address book on Yahoo. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Click to open Contacts - this is your address book. Then click Add Contact, one of the four choices...

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When I add someone in Yahoo Messenger, It goes to my address book ! how can I move it to contact list?

I created a new yahoo account last day and I started to add my contact list of my old account. after I added some, when I add other contacts they go to address book. I want them at my contact list groups. how can I move them to main contact list ??


You can double click it and add user after the pop up message window, but for now YM has this problem...

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No, not automatically. If you wish to add their address to Messenger: Import Contacts Into Messenger...

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How do I delete someone from my yahoo email address book without them being taken off my yahoo messanger list?

Everytime I add someone to my yahoo messanger they show up in my yahoo address book even though i dont have their email address which has caused my email address book to become overcrowded with people whose email address i do not have. Everytime i delete...


Go to your Yahoo! Mail click 'Addresses' click 'Address Options' Now the Address book edit option will...

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How can i delete a mistake that i made in my address book while trying to add an email address?

i was trying to add an email address to my address book in yahoo and made a mistake.Before i noticed the mistake it was already saved and i couldn't find a way to delete it can someone please help. this person is in my address book only not in my messenger...


EDITING CONTACTS To edit the information for ONE of your contacts click on CONTACTS...once your list...

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How do you invite someone that's not in your address book or YM at Yahoo 360?

Does anyone know how to invite someone to Yahoo 360 as a friend, that's not in YM friends buddy list or address book? Is there an easier way to add their names, other than inviting them to join? I'm still new to it.


Kristen, the best I could figure out was to invite them on their regular email, but let them know they...

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I lost my entire address book a few months ago. Would you post addresses to Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo?

I lost my hard drive on my computer and lost my address book info along with it. Now that I am starting from scratch I can either add contacts to Yahoo Mail Address Book, or the Address Book in Microsoft Outlook. I don't know how much I can transfer...


I would use Yahoo Mail. I brought a new pc, used the same email address I had with my old pc and all...

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How to add all the contacts to my address book?

I would like to transfer all my contacts to my address book. I deleted my address book earlier because my yahoo id was phised; to avoid using my contacts by someone else I deleted it then. But, now I often change my password to avoid phising. Now I again...


In the line above your contacts click on View all contacts then click deleted contacts and add them...

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I wasnt able to add a contact to my address book?

I tried to add an email address to my address book and it said error that it was in "read-only mode" can someone tell me what it means and how to fix it? I have the updated Yahoo! email. Thanks!


There is nothing for you to do Its Yahoo problem

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How can I find someone on Yahoo if i only have their yahoo id?

i am trying to find someone who just requested i add them to my address book. All I have is their yahoo id.


Even if you do locate their Yahoo Profile using the one of the methods I tell you about, it is still...

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