How can I allow user to create posts in website using ASP.NET?

Let’s learn how can I allow user to create posts in website using ASP.NET. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Programmers.

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how can i allow user to create posts in website using ASP.NET

I am making a website "Online voting system" a part of my academic project ... besides allowing the registered voters to vote on the posts that I have created while developing the voting system ... I want to allow users to create polls by themselves too regarding any thing How can I implement this scenerio using ASP.NET and c# in VS 2010 .. with the user posting polls having: Post title label Description about poll Radio buttons for displaying various options to allow voting process...


Which part do you not understand? Because you have two basic questions here. First, how to create a...

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I have to create an online shopping appliaction using ASP. How to create admin and user panels separately ?

Admin of the website must be able to see feedbacks, daily orders, billing information etc. and user of the website should be able to serch, buy, place orders, see billing information etc.


why didnt you try ASP ecommerce application first and see how the admin side...

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Storing user uploaded images in mssql server 2008 (Controlling user uploads)?

Hi all, I'm developing a website and im fairly new to this. In the website i allow each users to upload 5 images and then store the images in the database,(Still considering whether to store the images in db or in the file system-{inside a folder...


With no user profile how do you intend to limit a user to 5 photos? Using the IP address isn't going...

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How to create a website which has the following features?

Hi all please help out on this one. I'm a novice in websites and how they are actually created and so on. I want to create a website with the following features: 1. I have a very good name in my mind for this website and I would like to give that name...


you will absolutely need a website hosting company for ur needs specially for the second feature which...

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I would use the built in security that is built in with ASP.NET 2.0 for Forms Authentication. Saves...

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Launching a website that contains public government data

Where can I find information about the legality of using public government data on my website? I came across the website, which takes data from city governments and posts them on its website in a nice user interface. These include things...


All federal work is in the public domain. I assume this applies to state and local government, but I...

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What is a rapid method for developing a secure, web-based, multi-user data driven application?

I do development in ASP.NET/VB.NET, I've written some databases using Microsoft Access, and so on. I'm looking for the best way, or an extremely expedient, intuitive way, to create a web application that supports multi-user authentication and is data...


Amazon EC2 Ubuntu Apache/PHP/MySQL Drupal Varnish CloudFlare should do the trick. No need to bring Microsoft...

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How do I create an *.asp file to post to from a login that will allow users to access their specific pages?

I want users to be able to login on the home page and after they submit their user name and password, they will be redirected to their specific page with their files. If they try to access the User Only page without being logged in, I want a login to...


Here download all my ASP user authentication scripts off my server, see how you like them. In the zip...

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Create a program for a website?

I am creating a website for my school's soccer team and I don't know if there will be anyone who is web design savvy as I am. I'm going to school to study computer science and I'm a freshman. Assuming that there isn't a cs person who is going to be on...


Hi, If you have website administrators who are not familiar with web design, you want to provide a website...

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How can I allow another person to post blog posts on my Wordpress blog (located in my Wordpress website) without giving them the log in details to log into my dashboard?

I need to somehow create a user with permission to just post on the blog. I don't want them to have the option to go into other areas of the website and change settings and content through the dashboard. How can this be done? Thanks!


Just make them an author only as their access level and that will work, See this link in Wordpress documentation...

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