How can i search user profile in yahoo messenger?

Let’s learn how can i search user profile in yahoo messenger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can i search user profile in yahoo messenger ?

Search user profile in yahoo messenger


keep the mouse at the name at your messenger r click ------choose the profile and wait its simple

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There is a "Contact Search Bar" directly on the Messenger Userface of version 8. I'm not sure...

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How can i search a yahoo profile of a yahoo user?

well i m on yahoo msenger n i m searching a yahoo profile of a yahoo user added in my yahoo msenger, of is there any way to search a profile by email on facebook


Here's a few ways of looking for someone on the web. If you have their email address or know their real...

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I see the yahoo messenger's user-profile folder empty after loggin in in Windows Vista Home basics?

Unlike windows XP, when trying to open the yahoo messengers user-profile folder after logging into yahoo messenger, it says 'its empty'. Whereas, in windows XP there is profile folder with users yahoo profiles automatically created when you log in to...


Do you have more than one Yahoo root folder within your Program Files folder? I do. Try doing a search...

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How can you find a Yahoo! Answers user? Do Yahoo! Answers have a search engine for profile finder???

If they don't have that search engine, do you think Yahoo! Answers need to put that search engine for other profiles to be seen easily???


Currently, there is no "search" feature to locate another Yahoo! Answers member. If you know...

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Why is omg pop profile name/user name change when i click on yahoo messenger then on website?

Please help me. When i click on games (omg pop) on my yahoo messenger area. A screen comes up but that's not the problem when it loads and all. The problem is my user name comes up but there are letters at the end of it. I signed up hopping that it would...


Go to your profile page on that site and click Edit. Then find where your name is written and delete...

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How do you search for a particular profile on yahoo messenger?

It appears that yahoo messenger has changed a little since the first time I used it. When I'm in messenger mode it doesn't allow me to search profiles without adding someone to my buddy list. I want to find out something about someone who sent me a text...


yahoo members advanced search, then type in the id

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Search for a yahoo user profile?

I am searching for this yahoo user profile


On the right side of the page under your image click Invite Friends and put in their email address.

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Is it necessary to have yahoo messenger in order to put a picture on your user profile?

I am asking this becouse I already use a google talk (beta) as messinger and I am most satisfyd with it, so it would suck if I have to install 2 messengers just becouse of this. I am asking this cos I would like to put some cool picture on my user profile...


No, its not. Just upload the pic on your profile's page. As for multiple messengers, you can try using...

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Why won`t my profile show up in a Yahoo messenger members directory search?

I completed my profile days ago and checked the box so it can be found in a search by other members from the member`s directory and it still won`t show up, why? I know people who can`t upload a picture to their profiles also. Is anybody else having this...


Try to uncheck the box and recheck it then try to log in a different name then the one you are using...

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