How can I arrange my Yahoo! page?

Let’s learn how can I arrange my Yahoo! page. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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click on "change layout" near the yahoo! search bar.

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Is there any way to re-arrange my yahoo home page so I don't have to stare at the new big banner...?

When I open my browser in my Imac there it is - the huge banner now at the top. Can I rearrange my page to put it elsewhere. If not I think I'll just quit using Yahoo and make Google my homepage. Thanks


no you cant rearranged that part.

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You don't They are ordered according to how recently they have updated their pages The newer pages are...

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How can I arrange my photo albums on my 360 page? They automatically arrange themselves!!?

How can I arrange which photo album is on top on my 360 page? Yahoo seems to automatically decide which album it wants to put on top....


"Oldest one" that means the one you first created appear first there. Then the other ones...

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How do I change my home page?

I went to My Yahoo and designed a page I thought was my home page but its not. I want to limit and arrange and select color on my home page.


Best way just go to the page you want to use as home page.Then click on tools,then internet options...

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Is anyone having problems with Yahoo Bookmarks?

My Yahoo bookmarks are trippin. I just clicked on ADD BOOKMARK for a whole bunch of different sites, but when I went to the main bookmark page to arrange them, it saved none of them more


icant get my yahoo bookmarks to show up!

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How do I delete a Yahoo 360 page when the associated yahoo id has been deleted?

I set up a yahoo 360 page last year under a different yahoo id than the one I currently have. For personal reasons I had to then delete the 360 page. When I went to find out HOW to delete the 360 page completely, the yahoo privacy page said the only...


Click on the "Report Abuse" link on the page, describe your situation in the form. Be sure...

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Yahoo 360 Page?

I have the opposite problem of most people on Yahoo Answers concerning their Yahoo 360 page. On my Yahoo Answers profile, my Yahoo 360 page is hidden (that is how I want it to be). But then today when I checked the page count on my Yahoo 360 page it...


i went to your YA profile and I definitely can't see it.

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Why is my Yahoo Review showing on the My Yahoo! Page but not on my Yahoo!360 page?

My review was approved by Yahoo and showed up on my My Yahoo Page, but not on the Yahoo!360 Page. There was a suggestion not to use "yahoo user", but to use your Yahoo ID when making a review. I will try that next time. But if it showed up...


"A new review will not display immediately on the Yahoo! service or on Yahoo! 360°. Each review...

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Error Page not Found Yahoo 360?

For months now I have been trying to get on to Yahoo 360. I used to have a personal photo as an avatar. Then several months ago it disappeared. I thought Yahoo was revamping and tried to fix my avatar/photo. All I really am trying to accomplish is to...


Try contacting AOL and ask them why you cannot go to and see if they can help. Good...

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