How can I change a member's name?

Let’s learn how can I change a member's name. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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go to home pg, than my yahoo or even in yahoo answer . at the of pg, go to were it says [sign out,my...

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How can I (moderator) or the members change their name (on the "members" page in the member column)?

On the members section of the group there are 5 columns -- Member; Yahoo! ID; Email Delivery; Joined; and Remove Member. Some of the members have their e-mail address in the "Member" column while others have their Yahoo ID. How can you change...


Once again, a skimpy answer from the same 'top' person? While the statement 'you can't' is correct it...

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Does anyone knows how to change the profile name in yahoo groups..? i appear to the members as different name?

my name in my profile in my nick name and i want to change it and post my real name instead, in my yahoo profile it appear fine but in my group my nick name appears :(


First of all, the first answer is wrong. Go into your group and hit the link "Edit Membership"...

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When my name is highlighted in the members column during chat, it shows my old residence. How do I change it?

When I go into a chatroom and highlight my name in the chatroom members column, it will show that I live in a different city and state from my current residence. I've updated all of my yahoo member info. Why doesn't it change? How can I change it?


You need to edit your profile information, maybe you forgot to save the changes that you made if you...

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Members of my group do polls, username comes up in the results. Can i change this to their real name?

When i look at the results of polls i would like to be able to see the members first name, instead of their email address. It would really help my group members in identifying others


No, you can't change that. My personal preference is to have the results sent only to me or to the moderator...

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Can I change the name of my group with somehow automatically keeping my members and content?

The group has been running over 2 years and we would like to change the name but if it means deleting the group and everyone having to re-post pictures and information, we will end up more


You can change the name of the group at any time. You can also change the URL/ e-mail address as well...

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Is this on Messager? If so right click on the email address, then go down to Contact Detail. When their...

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Can I change the name or email address/URL of a group after I've set it up?

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Is it possible to change the name of your group without losing all of your current members and pics?

My group has lost its spunk, and i think it has a lot to do with the name of the group. I have a great new name that i would like to use, any ideas???


Yes, you may change the name of your group at any time, but remember: this may confuse your members...

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You can. There is an option for that on Anyone can, even f2p players.

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