How can I change my friend's name in my friend list?

Let’s learn how can I change my friend's name in my friend list. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Can i change the name of a friend in my friends list?

I would like to acccept a friend request that someone sent to me but I need to show only her first and last name (not her maiden name) so it doesnt cause me any problems. Can I change the display name of a friend?


Right click on the Contact's name you want to change. Click on "Contact details". Change the...

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I can't see all of my 360 friends in the list after i moved some of them in the same category...?

i moved some of my friends from one category to same category like move friends from "cat1" to "cat" because i forgot type new category name and after that i can't see those friends in the list but the number of my friends in my page...


Try tech support again, you really dont want to be trying stuff and perhaps wipe out the list completely...

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How to change profile name?

how to change my profile name which is visible to others in the yahoo massanger. For me i m able to see the new profile name but for my friend list its appearing as old profile name only. I would like to change my profile name for all my friends in yahoo...


go to your profile, and edit*

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In Facebook, will a friend know that you've clicked on their name to chat, even without sending a message?

That sums it up. If I simply click on a friend's name in the 'Friends Online' list, will they even know I have done that if I don't try to send a chat message? I ask because I have one friend who appears to be online. However, if I click on his name...


NO they wont you have to send them a message in order for them to know that u clicked on their name!

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If you change your name on facebook, will it be broadcasted on everyone's timeline?

Like when everyone on your friend list can see who you just became friends with. Will facebook notify everyone if you change your name?


Hey UmOhWell, Your Facebook friends will not be notified, no. They will probably know it's you when...

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Is there a way to change my Facebook name and photo and yet keep all my my friends list and groups list?. I been told

and read Facebook members accounts i.d hacked and inpersonated. So I want to use my current Elvis an or mystical photo, I see others do that and remove my personal photos and my name and replace with some other name. can I do this an how keep or save...


I'm not really sure what you're change your profile pic, go to your profile page and hover...

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When adding somebody to my friends list my first & last name show up on there end, how do i change that?

When i add a new person to my friends list and they accept my first and last name show up on their end and i want my yahoo user name to show up not my name. I have went into my account and profile and tried to change it but can't figure it out. Please...


CAN’T SEE TEXT IN INSTANT MESSAGES? Then read this yahoo messenger help page >> http://help...

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How do I change what name will appear on peoples friend list when they add me?

The name that is showing up on their friends list is not the one I want displayed. I want either my account name or my nickname displayed not my full name. I need to change it but dont know how. Please help!


You can change how your name displays on your computer by choosing "My Contact Details" in...

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How do u change ur name when sending someone an invitation to ur friend's list? Need to delete my last name.

My real last name appears when I send someone an invitation to be on my friend's list and I want to delete it, but I don't know how. I am just getting to know these people and I don't want them to have my real last name at first without getting to know...


Open your mail > Go to options > Click on Personal Information > Delete your last name >...

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