How can I change or remove my name in email address?

Let’s learn how can I change or remove my name in email address. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Yahoo email - how change or remove name from email address?

I am using the Yahoo Classic email setup. I changed from my actual name to a pseudonym in the email options but my actual name still shows up on sent emails. On other Yahoo questions and answers, I noticed that the options after hitting "options" is different. On my email account, the options button on the upper right leads to: Mail Options, Colors, Mail Plus and Switch to All-New Mail. From Mail Options, a left hand column has: General, Signature, Spam, Accounts, POP, Vacation Response...


The process has changed with Yahoo Updates. CHANGE "FROM" NAME IN YAHOO MAIL 1. Click on the...

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you will have to call them, but from my experience... you will probably have to abandone one for another...

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How do you remove your name from showing up on left side of your yahoo email address.?

When I send an email to someone from my yahoo account my full name is showing up on the left side of my yahoo email address -how do you change or remove it. EXample John Smith -How do you change John Smith or remove it completely???


To change your outgoing email name: 1. Go to your email box. 2. Click on 'Options' (upper right, horizontal...

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How do I remove my name from before my email address:?

My outgoing and incoming mail has my name spelled incorrectly before the email address. I'd like to change my name preceeding the email address. It looks like this: "Michael Feflton" <>. I want to remove the "Michael...



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No, you cannot confirm your email address (Instagram account irritation)

Some kid who shares my fairly uncommon name is trying to use my email address to register their Instagram account and I keep getting emails about it. How can I make them stop? I am getting emails daily informing me that someone is trying to register...


Can you contact the kid through his profile and let him know what's up?

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How To Change My Email Address On My YahooGroup?

Hello. I am a moderator of a YahooGroup. I changed a my email address a few months ago. The group shows I made the change, but the emails are not coming in to the new email box. Also, if I send an email from this new email address, it says "Unable...


be sure you followed al steps: go to this link- click add email address...

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How do I remove/edit my name(under profile) from Yahoo Forum message boards?

I am subscribed to some Yahoo groups, and post my messages via the Web, so that my email, not real name is displayed. When my messages are posted to the specific Forum board, however, my email is highlighted so that people can click on it and see my...


Hello On this page you'll get the requested information.

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How can I (moderator) or the members change their name (on the "members" page in the member column)?

On the members section of the group there are 5 columns -- Member; Yahoo! ID; Email Delivery; Joined; and Remove Member. Some of the members have their e-mail address in the "Member" column while others have their Yahoo ID. How can you change...


Once again, a skimpy answer from the same 'top' person? While the statement 'you can't' is correct it...

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How do I hide my full name when I send an email?

When sending emails the receipients see FROM: and then my full name (first & last) and then the email address. How do I remove or hide or change it so my full name does not show up on the From: line.


Edit..............Edit...............Edi… (they've changed the settings again). This is the New...

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How do I CHANGE the name I used to FORM my Yahoo Email address to a NEW name WITHOUT losing MY Email Address?

This is a fairly simple Yahoo type question as in " How do I change my password?" etc. and so on... In my case it is VERY important to me because I am disabled and forming a corporation I can operate (primarily) from home and as my health conditon...


I'm not your favorite 'helper' but -short and sweet - here's how to change the name showing 'From' on...

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