How can I change my avatar to a picture?

Let’s learn how can I change my avatar to a picture. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I change my avatar picture?

Can anyone please tell me - in very clear detail - how to change my pic, this is driving me up the wall. I have been going onto my 360 account and importing the picture i want to change to but I cannot get the ******* thing changed. THANKS!


Yahoo is experiening problems with AVATARS lately, but here are the instructions: Since you're in Yahoo...

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How do I change my avatar picture on my Yahoo Messenger?I can change it on the Website but it wont change IM?

I am able to change the Avatar on the website but it will not convert over onto the picture posted for my Yahoo Messenger. Do you know how to make the avatar picture change on the Messenger screen?


To put a Photo Avatar:- Click the little triangle below your display image, click "Share my picture...

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How come I can't change my avatar picture into a picture I have on my computer?

I wanted to upload a picture from my computer to use as my avatar picture and it wouldn't let me. :/ It took me to the whole cropping bit where I cropped my picture and when I clicked 'crop', it wouldn't show up in the picture gallery thing :/


Sometimes it happens so, may be a YA glitch. I have experienced the same before and i get it done after...

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How can I change my EBUDDY avatar/picture?

I've had EBUDDY for a couple months now on my phone, which is a HTC Inspire 4g. Anyway I went to change my avatar/picture today and no matter what I do I cannot change it. I've changed it in the past about 2 or 3 times but it just will not change today...


Hi! My name is Aleksandra and I represent eBuddy. Can you please install the latest update of eBuddy...

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How can I change my avatar picture ?

When I want to change my avatar picture with another one, it doesn't work. It appears black. And I know that I have to wait several minutes until it changes but I have waited more than a week, and nothing. I tried to do this for another computer as well...


If you would like to make an yahoo cartoon avatar or change it click this link.

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How can I change my profile picture on here with any picture i want? NO avatar?

I just want to add a picture of a triskelion picture for my profile picture but I cannot figure it out. If possible could you tell me step by step. Thank you :)


Photo upload Follow these directions closely. Click your current avatar then click view profile or go...

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How can I change my avatar picture to a photo?

On my avatar picture I have a person I created. How can I change the picture to a photo of my dog?


you have to open a yahoo 360 account then use the dog photo as your profile there then in settings here...

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How can I change my Y!A avatar picture?

I've got to say that, with no offense to Yahoo!, the avatar creator thingy is pretty lame. How do you get a cool picture of your own choosing as your avatar picture?


go to "my profile" in the green box on the right corner of your screen, & then click edit...

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How can I change my yahoo messenger avatar picture?

One of my photos is stuck as my yahoo messenger avatar.I want to change it but I can't.I delete it but the new photo doesn't set as avatar.I tried to log out and log in again but it shows the same picture I deleted 5 minutes ago.Please help!I really...


Click on "Messenger" in the top left hand corner. Click on "My Display Image". The...

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How can I change my Yahoo avatar to my picture?

Ok I tried to upload a picture and yahoo said its photo what ever is closing so, I was wondering could I still some how change my avatar to my real picture?



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