How can I check how much I have downloaded?

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how to check the data downloaded when i open my website

I was looking for a tool which give me the size of downloaded data when i open some website like when i open , it says downloaded data : 2.012.544 bytes


If you're on Firefox, just right click on the website and select Page Info. It already shows you the...

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Microsoft seems to have realized this problem, and have thankfully made a recovery disc for this purpose...

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How can i check my downloads? bell claimed i downloaded 800 in the past month?

Bell said in the last month i downloaded over 800 MMORPG's like 400 songs..they told me to check my downloads..i found 1 song 2 Emulators and 2 games for each emulator..What bu115H1T is bell trying to pull? Don't remember installing 800 MMORPG's in the...


A bit late now but try this to keep a check of what you downloads

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How can i open a downloaded form with "check box" in it, with what program?

the check box in the form has to be checked, by opening the form with MS word, it can't be. So what is the suitable program for it ?


You should try notepad.

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Hw 2 check hw much gb i downloaded ovr wifi?

Plz tl me d ans hw 2 check d total data size I hv downloaded on my laptop. & how 2 increase d speed of wifi whn many r using it. 1st d speed shd *** 2 me Dan others...... Plz tl.


Please type in English next time. Your spelling is just.. Awful. At any rate, check your speed at www...

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Hi I just downloaded the new toolbar but couldn't find the spell check option.Does anyone know how to fix this

I downloaded the new toolbar and I set up but used to have a spell checker that when I was in a website I could right click and I could use the spell check now I lost it. Appreciate any help I could get. Thanks


You might not see it. It should look like an abc then a checkmark. Hope I helped! Oh, yea if it isn...

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I downloaded IE7, but now I can not access my yahoo toolbar, or check the toolbar in the IE7 Tools menu. Help.

I need access to my Yahoo Toolbar that is installed, but cannot access it with IE7, or check the yahoo toolbar in the IE7 Tools drop down box. How can I access my Yahoo toolbar?


Reports are circulating that another security-related flaw in Microsoft's recently-released Internet...

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Open Yahoo! Messenger page Left click "Help" Left click "About Yahoo! Messenger"...

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There is a program that can monitor you usage while its running (run at start) called Networx. Unless...

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I have downloaded trial version of buddy check but can`t connect?

can you explain how I can connect it?it says:add an yahoo!account first using the accounts menu,plzz should i do?


You need to add your account to the list. You'll need to give it your yahoo id and password, then the...

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