How can I close my e-mail address?

Let’s learn how can I close my e-mail address. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Answer:… follow this

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How can I close down the obligatory Yahoo! email address that corresponds to my primary yahoo ID.?

My primary Yahoo ID has been around a long time, is publicly listed in Yahoogroups and so the corresponding Yahoo! email address attracts a a lot of spam. I have a secondary and preferred yahoo email address which is not in public space and is not spammed...


. . . . . . At first, log in Yahoo homepage and click on <email>.And click on <My account>...

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How can I close an email address on yahoo?

I have an email address with yahoo, I don't wanna use it anymore. Please tell me how to close this email address 4ever.


If you don't log in to yahoo for several months then your account will be automatically deleted. But...

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How can i close down a yahoo email address please.?

I have two. One of them gets a load of junk which i need to close down. Thanks.!


Yahoo Account Deletion Page… Terminating your account...

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How do I close my email address without closing my yahoo account? I already opened a second email address.?

I want to change my yahoo mail address because I am getting so much spam. So far I have opened a new yahoo ID and email address. Now I want to close the OLD email ID and email more


Anne, the only way you close your email address is by closing out your whole Y! account at this address...

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How do i close one email address and let everyone know i changed email address?

hi,i have changed email address how do i let everyone know what new email address is i have so many?


Use the email that you constantly use... forward to all your contact list and attach your new email...

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I want to know how to close my email or change my email address.I don't like all the email junk.?

I receive tons of offers from site unkown to me that are using my email address.I would like to set up a new email address and get rid of the old one. san you help me?


go your provider's web site and change it there you can add mail boxes you can add aliases Having added...

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How do I close my yahoo email account and open another with a new address or edit the old one?

I have just opened a new yahoo email account and inadvertently put at the end. I am travelling overseas and want use the new account while travelling. I am not sure if I can use it from overseas as I have added .au Will the address still work...


first of all, you can access .au from anywhere in the world as long as theres an internet connection...

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Yo can delete your account by using the following link

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Someone uses my email address for accounts and I don't want to close the address. What can I do?

Someone with a similar name uses my email address. I have even gotten some personal info (though likely incorrect). It has gone on for far too long. I know she doesn't log in, so more


Simple , change password

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