How can I connect a TCP/IP camera to the PC?

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How can I connect a TCP/IP Camera to the PC?

I want to write an application that can capture from a TCP/IP camera. I haven't bought the camera yet. I have the following questions: What should I look for in the camera? Do all cameras have SDKs or APIs for that? thanks


Most cameras produce a JPEG or MPEG4 stream, or both, that you can capture. My cameras do not let you...

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Why doesn't the camera wizard on my PC come up automatically when I connect my digital camera?

My PC is windows XP, my digital camera is plug and play. I have used this same camera and it's the same PC that I have used dozens of times before. Whenever I connected my camera before the camera wizard came up and talked me through whatever I wanted...


Obviously something has changed in the software. The really simple way to solve this problem is a card...

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How do I connect a cctv camera to PC?

Hi family, Can someone please share with me step by step ho to connect a Camera with VGA along with my Projector to my PC. At the moment I would have to disconnect the projector VGA then connect the Camera VGA for it to work, Is there a way I can connect...



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When I connect my camera to my PC, it can't find it?

Whenever I connect my camera to my PC, a menu pops up and says 'transfer files mto PC?' and I click OK and everything works. But now, when I plug it in the PC and turn it on, more


Reboot your PC (turn it off and then on again) sometimes rebooting seems to fix things. Also make sure...

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Old Video Camera - Is it possible to connect it to my PC. ??

I came across my old video camera --Sony Handycam 36x Digital Zoom (18x Optical Zoom)..It was bought around 1998 and sadly it does not have any USB Connection. What it does have is normal Video & Audio that I can connect it to my Television...


Sony camcorders have their model number on the same part of the camcorder where the serial number is...

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My kodak camera wont connect to my pc?

i have a kodak 10 mp camera and some how it wont connect to my pc it was work fine up till today but some how when i insert it into my pc today it doesnt appear can enyone help me plz


It could be a few things, is the usb end of the cable damaged? If it is slightly bent it won't plug...

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Can you Connect a JVC GR-D350U Camera to PC?

so i got a JVC GR-D350U Digital Video Camera, and it uses small Tape's to Record the video on to.. but im wondering After recording your video, can you Connect it to your PC with the correct wires and transport your Files onto the PC?


You need to capture the video from your camera to PC. You need 1 Firewire, port in your computer, if...

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JVC Camera Won't Connect To My PC?

I have a JVC GZ-MG21 Hard Disk Camcorder which i am trying to connect to my PC but am unable to. When i try to connect it i just get a message saying usb device not reconised. Do i need to install a special driver. i have already installed Power DVD...


JVC GZ-MG21 record in MOD (Video: mpeg-2-ps, Audio: Dolby Digital) format,you can convert it to windows...

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My camera does not connect to the PC, Why?

I have a panasonic nv gs21 mini dv camera and have a firewire to usb cable, on which the firewire end goes into the camera and usb end of the wire goes into laptop. but when i try to connect it, nothing but an error pops up say USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNISED...


Firewire to USB does not work.

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How do i connect an old analogue video camera recorder to my pc?

i have an old sony video camera recorder,using Hi8 video cassette,the only connection available is a video/audio jacks, i would like to connect the camera to my computer to edit old videos. how do i do it?


I hope you're in the UK, because here's another link -

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