How do I connect a pc to tv?

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You have to buy a Graphics Card that has an output that your TV supports, then make sure you have all...

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How do I connect PC/TV/Surround sound so they all play nice together?

A year ago, I bought a new TV with HDMI capability and hooked it up to my PC to work as a monitor (with a straight HDMI cable connection). IT. IS. AWESOME. I just moved into a new place with more room and now want to connect my surround sound system...


Wow, lots of folks are getting this terribly wrong. The SPDIF (whether optical or coaxial) is physically...

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How do i connect both my gaming pc and my xbox to one tv?

I just bought this new gaming pc-… and a 32" Tv. None of them came with any cables apart from the power. How do I connect them both so it works? And How would i go about plugging my pc into my 32"...


If your tv doesn't have enuf inputs you buy a switch which can accommodate your necessary types of inputs...

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How to connect Home Theather, PC, PS3 and TV each other?

Hello, I have a PS3 with 1 AV Multi Out, 1 Digital Optical Audio Out and 1 HDMI out I also have a HD TV with 3 USB, 1 Digital Optical Audio Out, Audio In, 4 HDMI in, AV in, Component in and SCART, 1 PC in I also have Home Theather System with SCART out...


1: Connect PC to TV using PC out (from pc) to PC in (TV) or use HDMI option. 2: Connect PS3 to TV using...

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How to connect pc headphone to hdmi tv (connected to hdmi dvd player)?

Hello Techies, Need some help: I have a JVC 32" hdmi lcd tv which is connected to "Sony dvd player" (DVP NS710H/B) via a hdmi cable. I need to listen the sound on my pc speakers (or a pc headphone) when i watch movies on the dvd player...


Connect your 3.5mm cable from speaker to hedphone jack. Do you get sound? If not, some models require...

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I dont have hdmi port in my pc so how can i connect my pc to big lcd tv?

hi every one i wanna ask u guys that i have a new pc but i don't have hdmi port into that so can any one please let me know how to connect my pc to big lcd tv, i want to connect my pc with hdmi to lcd so do i need any devise or anything can some one...


If your PC has a DVI port, it will work with HDTV HDMI. The two can be connected with a DVI-to-HDMI...

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Last week's How to connect a Planar XP17 PC/TV monitor to my computer.?

Last week I asked how to connect a Planar XP17 PC/TV monitor to my computer. I got a reply on how to connect it to my TV. I have a separate modem for my cable computer. In another room is a modem for my cable TV. I already have a screen for my TV. I...


An LCD TV/PC Monitor from Planar enhances your lifestyle and professional image. With its slim design...

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How to connect my PC to a PC screen and a TV?

I have connected my PC screen to my computer using a VGA cable. And now, I want to also connect a TV using a HDMI cable. I called the manufacturer of my PC, and he said it was possible, but he could not help me modifying or configuring all the crap....


You would connect the HDMI port next to the VGA port to the HDMI port on the TV. This would be the one...

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How do you connect your pc to your tv to watch I player or watch again tv ?

I have quite an old tv and pc, but how would you connect a tv to your pc so you can watch tv program via the pc ?


the TV needs to have a connection to accept the input from the Laptop or PC, usually this will be either...

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I want to see net TV on normal TV by connecting PC to normal TV. How can i connect?

all whatever i see on monitor and listen in PC, i want o see and listen in my normal TV. how cal i connect my PC out put to TV input


Many video cards have HDMI out. Run that to the TV. I don't know if any of the HDMI video cards can...

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