How can I connect my TV to projector?

Let’s learn how can I connect my TV to projector. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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Projectors are useful for so much more than just presentations. You can bring the movie theater to your...

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Can I connect projector to LCD TV and how ?

I have INFOCUS Projecter with me and I also have ViDEOCON LCD tv so can I connect projector to LCD TV and how ?


If your projector has any outputs, use that.

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How can I connect my tv to my projector?

im thinking of buying a digital projector but i don't know if it's possible to connect my tv cable into the projector?


A projector is a display that takes the place of the screen portion of your TV. It only needs a video...

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Whe i connect my laptop to a projector or TV using a VGA cable it won't come up. How can i make it work?

I can't get my laptop screen to appear on the TV or projector. i have gone into Display Properties and settings but all i've managed to do is get my desktop background to come more


Go to and click on "Installation Guide"

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Can you connect a projector to a direct tv box and use it as a t.v.?

Instead of buying a new t.v. I want to buy a projector and hook it up to my direct t.v. and watch it that way but I'm not sure I can. I'm also wondering which cables you need. By the way, can you connect a projector a MAC computer too? Would you need...


yes u can depending on what directv box u have it all comes standard with the red, white, yellow cable...

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How do I connect 3 inputs (digibox,DVD,console) to 2 outputs (TV,projector)?

Is there a 3to2 scart splitter that will allow me to connect the above without having to remove scart leads whenever I wish to switch between TV and projector? Will this cause picture/sound interference?


There are various splitter boxes out there on the Internet and possibly you could get one from your...

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How do I connect my TV to my projector through my receiver by using HDMI cables?

I'm trying to connect my TV my projector and my receiver altogether using HDMI cables


You need a TV tuner box of some description. It could be satellite or cable or terrestrial, but whatever...

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Can I connect and dvi-hdmi cable from my projector tv to my xbox360?

Hello, I have a dvi-hdmi cable and I wanted to know if I could connect the hdmi port into my xbox and the dvi port into my tv. I have checked and my tv does support dvi and i have checked in the back for an outlet.


dvi is for sound. if your tv has not hdmi port ,you may use converter but quality will not be as a hdmi...

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How do I connect an Apple TV to a VGA Projector?

More specifically, I want to connect an HDMI device to my InFocus IN2104 (VGA DLP Projector). What do I need to buy to be able to do this? Any links to converters, cables, and more


Look on youtube or check they offer full explanations. Best

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How do i connect a ps3 to a monitor/tv and a projector?

I am having competitive gaming nights at my house and I want to have this set up so that the people playing could view the monitors and the spectators could see what's going on by watching the projector, any suggestions on how to achieve this set up


You would have to split the signal when it comes from the console. There are devices out there check...

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