How can I connect my tv to receiver with HDMI?

Let’s learn how can I connect my tv to receiver with HDMI. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) cables are the best option for connecting high-definition electronics...

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How can i connect a DISH HD receiver and blu ray player to an old HD tv without a HDMI on the tv?

I have an old HD TV (Toshiba) that doesn't have the HDMI input. I"m trying to hook up the new Blu ray player and i also am hooked up to DISH HD receiver. what's the best way to go about it? thanks!


Not enough information. Exactly what inputs does the old TV have? Component? (Red-blue-green video plus...

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How can I connect an upconvert dvd player with hdmi cable to my tv in conjunction with rca cable to a receiver

Hi, I want to connect an upconvert dvd player to my hdtv with an hdmi cable for video, but I want the audio to be run through my receiver with an RCA cable. Is it possible to do this?


Yes All DVDs output analog audio in parallel with digital audio. You can use either stereo RCA or coax...

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How to connect 2nd TV with HDMI cable to dish receiver?

i have a dish DVR receiver that work for 2 Tv's for the second tv the receiver cable comes from the wall and i used to connect it to the tv directly but i currently bought another flatscreen but i dont know how to connect it with a HDMI cable. On the...


there is no way, the tv2 output is SD only, to get HD in the second room you need another HD receiver...

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How do you connect tv to receiver to cable/dvr using HDMI. TV does not have HDMI connector.?

TV is a 2002 60" Mitsubishi that does not have HDMI connectors. New Cable/DVR box does and of course the new receiver does, (4 HDMI connectors). Thanks,


if your cable box has component outputs you can use those and still get 1080p signal if thats not an...

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Can i connect a "HDMI TV" to a HD receiver?

I have a HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) TV which u can see its picture below, and im trying to connect it to my HD receiver.........will i be able to do that??? The picture of my TV:… Will...


Most current HD Receivers have an HDMI output, so yes you should be able to connect to your tv. As far...

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How do I connect my denon receiver to my HDTV Comcast box, HD TV and my HDMI DVD?

I just bought this super complex denon receiver. I have a Toshiba HDMI DVD HD Projection Sony TV Comcast HD cable box what is the best way to connect them all? should i connect more


If your receiver has HDMI inputs: 1. DVD player HDMI to HDMI in Receiver 2. Cable box HDMI to HDMI in...

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How do I connect my TV to my projector through my receiver by using HDMI cables?

I'm trying to connect my TV my projector and my receiver altogether using HDMI cables


You need a TV tuner box of some description. It could be satellite or cable or terrestrial, but whatever...

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How do I connect my HD TV and Cable box to my Receiver if my TV only has one HDMI?

I have a LG 50PC3DH 50 inch plasma which i got a couple of years a go and it only has 1 HDMI jack and it's connected to my HD cable box using HDMI. Now I purchased a new Yamaha more


Without an HDMI switch or something of the sort, the only way to be able to do this will be running...

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How do you connect tv and bluray to receiver with hdmi?

i wanted to buy a bluray player and and surround sound receiver after i did some research i found out that to get the best sound out of the receiver that i should use hdmi cables. i more


1st hdmi cable to hdmi out on blu-ray to hdmi in on receiver, 2nd hdmi cable to hdmi out on receiver...

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