How can I connect my non-HD DirecTv receiver to my hdtv using an hdmi cable?

Let’s learn how can I connect my non-HD DirecTv receiver to my hdtv using an hdmi cable. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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WEIRD HDTV QUESTION: How can I connect my non-hd directv receiver to my hdtv using an hdmi cable?

Here are the facts: 1) First, I got my HDTV mounted on my wall and had the installers connect two HDMI cables to it -- one for my HD DVD player and one for my DirecTV receiver that more


There are ways to do it (X10 "Video Sender", run the wires through the wall, etc) BUT why...

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Samsung receiver has 1 HDMI output. HDTV has 4 HDMI inputs. How do I connect Blu Ray, and cable box?

How do I connect all these components to get surround sound from TV, and Blu Ray, and show Hi-Def picture quality from cable box. Do I need a switcher? The receiver is lacking HDMI inputs, so it cannot serve as a switcher. Should I input HDMI from the...


Hi Foxy 69......You have a samsung home theater in a box type of set up with just the one hdmi output...

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I need some help with connecting my Hdtv, cable box, and my receiver using HDMI connecting.?

I just brought a Yamaha RX-V861 receiver. I have a comcast cable box, and a HDTV. Now i need direction on how to connect all using HDMI cable, and any other wires i might need. Thank more


I assume your HDTV has an HDMI input. Then you will need 2 HDMI cables, one from the cable box to the...

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if you tv does not have a spot for hdmi you are s.o.l. sorry

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Someone willing to help me connect a new Samsung DLP w/cable card slot, DirecTV and DVD to my Denon Receiver?

It has been a while since I did any of this. I have a new Samsung 50" DLP w/cable card slot. I have both DirecTV and Comcast digital cable (picking up card today) and an older DVD player that I need to upgrade. I need to get these all connected...


As we discussed in other posts, utilize your receiver for audio decoding of your devices with optical...

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Can I set up my xbox 360 and hd cable to my hdtv using 2 hdmi cables and an optical out to a reciever?

I want to set up my new hdtv to my Xbox 360 and a hd cable box. Can I connect my xbox to the tv using hdmi and do the cable box the same way and then run an optical cable from the optical out port of my tv to my surround sound receiver and get 5.1 surround...


Most TVs will not switch for DD audio. You will need to include a digital audio cable for each source...

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Help me hook up a new HDTV to an old(ish) stereo receiver?

Can you help me connect my optical-out DVD players to my new HDMI-in HDTV? This is the kind of thing that drives me bananas. Just got a nice, brand-new Sony HDTV, with several HDMI-in ports. I would like to get the highest resolution I possibly can out...


Well, first off, optical cables (toslink, I'd assume) are audio-only. Your video is probably coming...

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How can I connect a JVC 6000-V reciever to a Sanyo HDTV?

Ok here we go. I just bought a new Sanyo DP42841 HDTV. We have cable and the box has the HDMI output connection and it works fine. I have it hooked via HDMI to the TV and using RCA plugs sound goes to receiver if wanted and it works fine. I am trying...


I dont think the tv does has S inputs . though it MAY be possible to make video 1 into S by selection...

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Just bought Sony 720p 32" LCD and trying to set up with DirecTV - no channels found using HDMI. Please help!?

I just bought a 32" Sony Bravia KDL-32L504. I have an HD DirecTV receiver that I have been using on a standard def TV for the past 3 months. Upgraded to HDTV finally. Hooked up the receiver to the new TV using HDMI cable. Autoprogram does not find...


Have you set the video input selector on the TV to HDMI yet? The HDMI is a higher tech version of the...

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HDMI input not reading capture devices on my PC...?

I have a brand new Dell studio xps 7100, AMD Ultimate Vision, ATI Radeon HD 5450 1024MB, 6GB DDR3 SDRAM (1333MHz 2x2GB+2x1GB), windows7. i am trying to connect my Ps3 to my PC to capture gameplay footage. i have 2 HDMI ports (1-output & 1- input...


Try to make perfect 1:1 copies of your favorite HDTV Player on

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