How can I connect my laptop to my Home Theatre?

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Is there a USB device i can buy to connect my laptop to my 5.1 home theatre?

I have a basic laptop with USB and audio jack ports and i've been given a 5.1 surround system. My daughter's birthday is approaching and i'd like to connect the two for her party music. Is there a device availabe to plug into either USB or jack which will connect them? I don't need the sound to be in 5.1, standard stereo would do fine if it's an easier option, although the setup would be more versatile for watching dvd etc if it could be set up to work in 5.1 The 5.1 has optical connection and standard...


Why YES There Is The iCast by soundcast. See Link… It...

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How can i connect my Dell laptop to an Onkyo 6.1 home theatre?

1. My laptop doesnt have any sound out port except a headphones port. 2. Do i need to connect the 2 devices thru a 3.5 jack + RCA jack cable? 3. Do i need to use an external USB soundcard? 4. Can i also attach a cordless mic to this setup? if yes how...


An external sound card or a USB media interface from guitar center

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How to connect laptop to home theatre output to projector?

I have a home theatre system (Denon), a laptop pc, a Nintendo Wii, a DVD player and I want to project them all from the home theatre system to a Dell Projector. The Wii and DVD are working fine with Composite cables in the theatre. My laptop has only...


If your projector has a HDMI in you might try that one. Your notebook most likely has a DVI out (DVI...

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Can I connect the following? Microphone to laptop to home theatre with HDMI?

I need to use a microphone to give presentations to large groups. Can I hook a microphone to my laptop and then connect the laptop to a theatre system via HDMI cable? I have a theatre projector hooked to the home theatre system and was hoping to use...


Do you want to use a home theater system as a PA system to amplify your voice for a large room??? If...

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How I use HDMI slot in my laptop to connect to 5.1 creative home theatre

I have laptop with HDMI slot. I want to connect my 5.1 creative home theatre system with my i can achieve this?


Hi, Unfortunately you cannot connect your home theatre directly to your laptop using your laptop's HDMI...

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What cable/s is required to connect a laptop to a home theatre system?

I need to know what cables i need to connect my laptop to the back of my home theatre system as there are no ports available to use on the actual projector.


If u want to connect video you can connect it by svideo. if you just want the audio out you can buy...

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Will a USB to USB cable connect laptop to home theatre?

I have a laptop with the following ports: VGA; adaptor port; 2 2.0 USB ports; a mic jack and a headphone jack I want to be able to play music from the laptop to the home cinema. I more


USB to HDMI A thing that converts USB 2.0 to HDMI. Check Ebay

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Buy a cord with one end whute and red AV cord and the other end head phone cord. plug the av but into...

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Laptop and home theatre system?

i want to connect my laptop and my home theatre system. i dont hav tv.. I need to view the video played by my home theatre system. i connected both my laptop and home theatre system with HDMI cable. WAT SHOULD BE DONE IN MY LAPTOP CONFIGURATIONS so that...


The HDMI on your laptop is meant to send out signals. In your case it would not work since you want...

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Home theatre system?

I am looking for a home theatre system that I can connect our DVD/CD player to, our TV (which has NO RCA outputs, only the cable), and our laptop which has most of our music on it. What do I need to connect the TV to the receiver? Like if we rent a movie...


There are only a few options for that kind of set up. I found one marginally acceptable ( make sure...

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