How can I connect two monitors to my laptop?

Let’s learn how can I connect two monitors to my laptop. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Computer Connections?

I have a laptop computer along with two older computers and a television. I'm wondering what equipment I'd need to connect the television and the two monitors as additional monitors to the laptop and what I need to do to connect the two older CPU's to the Laptop.


Look on the side of your laptop / back of your computers for a plug-in space called "expansion...

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Can i connect my laptop too two monitors?

i like screen space now i know of people that have connected there desktop to two or more monitors can i do this with my laptop, and apart from the monitors, would i need any specific equipment wires etc. thanks


Only if the laptop supports multiple display output, you get a splitter cable, or the monitors can be...

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How do I connect two monitors up to a DVI-D connector on my laptop?

I have a DVI-D connector and a splitter which allows me to connect two DVI monitors up but they both have the same screen image. Isnt DVI-D designed for "dual" outputs???


DVI-D means DVI DIGITAL as opposed to DVI-A DVI ANALOG

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How do you connect two monitors to a laptop?

Is it possible to use two external monitors with a laptop? If yes, what do you need to do that?


Assuming your laptop is like most and only has a single monitor output, then what you need depends whether...

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How do I connect two independent monitors to my Toshiba laptop?

I'm trying to connect my Dell E2414H 24" Full HD 1080p LCD Monitor and Planar PL1520M Monitor to my Toshiba Satellite L755 laptop with an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2450M CPU @ more



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Buy a couple of USB to VGA adapters and plug and play - though most need drivers, but this is rarely...

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Try to connect two monitors with one laptop?

i have laptop, with Vga and HDMI. when i connect both only vga works, the minute i take out vga my dell monitor recognize the hdmi and works. if i connect back again vga the hdmi more


go to display in control panel. set it up for 2 monitors.

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If your PC does not have the connections on the back of the PC(some do have PCI and VGA) then you'll...

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How do I link my laptop up to two monitors?

I dont know anything about computers, but I have a laptop that I want to connect to two monitors and not use the small laptop screen, but I don't know how. Also, on the laptop the display is really small and someone told me I need new drivers to get...


Your laptop has a secondary VGA port? There should be a VGA port on the side or the back of the laptop...

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Two monitors to my laptop?

hiiiiii i was wondering if there is anyway you can connect up another pc monitor to a laptop that already has its vga port being used by one monitor. I have searched about and found that the only way to have two monitors showing two different things...


Your laptop "allows two screens" all right, its own LCD panel and ONE external monitor. If...

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