How can I connect my printer wireless?

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How can I connect a non-wireless, non-networkable printer to a wireless network?

I have an older model HP 1220 C and would like to be able to access it from my laptop. I have a wireless network in my house, but am curious to know if there is a device (hub?) that I can use to plug my printer into and access from all of my household computers wirelessly? I'd appreciate any help you can offer or sites you could suggest. Thanks!


There are two solutions that you can choose from: 1. Port the printer to a desktop that is on your network...

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How can I connect laptop and printer via wireless router modem?

laptop running winxp+service pack2 and HP Printer and USRobotics wireless modem/router. Can I connect my printer to router and get rid of all the cables bec. normally to print I have to go to the printer and plug it to my laptop using USB but I want...


Yes, easily. There are four basic ways... 1) Use a print server, a small box which connects to your...

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How can I setup the wireless printer when it won't connect properly?

Computer info: Dell Inspiron 17 with Windows 7 Router info: Belkin: F5D9231-4 with WPS (wep, pin, phraseword/password) Printer info: Dell v715w I have tried every possible way to setup this printer but for some reason it wont connect. The wireless light...


You need to add the printer to the trusted network, either by adding its MAC address to the router,...

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How can i connect a Printer to a Wireless network with out the printer ever being attached to a computer?

i was wondering if there was such a thing as a printer router where i would just connect the printer to the router and then i would be able to print from anywhere in the house


HP makes a Wi-Fi printer. You set it up with your Wi-Fi router, and then install the software on your...

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I can't figure out how to connect my wireless printer to my new network, without a disc. Can you help?

It's a c4380, and I have a macbook. When I first got this printer a couple years ago I had it hooked up to a different wireless network. Now I moved and have a different secured wireless network, but I lost the CD! Also, in confusion I uninstalled the...


Download from

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I have a network printer, how can i connect it to the existing wireless network?

I have Sony Vaio laptops with wi-fi technology, Netgear wireless modem router DG834G and Dell 3000CN network printer. I can connect the existing printer to the network through the more

Answer: this site has info on wireless

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How can I connect my printer to my router, in order to print wireless from my laptop?

I just recently invested in a router. I have a home pc and printer which are connected. I want to be able to print from my laptop wireless, so how would I connect the printer to the more


If you are sure that your printer does not have a network card (bigger holes) then you will need to...

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How to connect my regular (non-wireless) printer to my wireless network so that I can print from my laptop.?

my printer is connected to my primary PC via usb, can't print from my laptop. I have a wireless router.


Hello! What you will need to do is simply Add a Printer from the Control Panel of your laptop and instead...

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How can i connect my wireless network to my printer?

i have 1 HP printer and 2 computers: a new eMac 1.42 GHz a relatively new HP business notebook i am setting them up so that they can work on a wireless 802.11g network. but how can i get them both to print on the same HP printer? what do i buy? any recommendations...


Is you printer wireless capable? If not, there is no simple way.

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How do I set up my shared lan network so a wireless printer can connect to it?

I have one laptop running windows XP wired to a router. I set this computer up to share internet over it's wifi so that other computers may connect to it and use the internet, I.have the all of the default web protocals set to share (HTTP, FTP, etc)...


There are several methods of adding a printer to a wireless network: Printer sharing from a computer...

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