How can I create a cute, artsy, unique facebook profile?

Let’s learn how can I create a cute, artsy, unique facebook profile. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Quora.

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Yes you can create huge great design facebook cover photo with canva. Just register to site and choose...

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How can I create Facebook- and Twitter-like profile URLs with mod_rewrite?

I want to create a profile page on my web app, something that would rewrite to id=username&goto=friends. I have tried using this : RewriteRule (.*)/(.*) profile.php?id=$1&goto=$2 RewriteRule...


Syntactically your rules are fine, so I'm guessing you have a typo somewhere else in your file. Make...

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How can I create software to let users upload photos to my facebook profile / page from my own website?

I would like to create a piece of software on my website to let users upload photos to my Facebook Wall. And if it is possible, my website already has a PHP login system and I would like to let users with a login the ability to upload photos to their...


no, that cannot be done - your users would have to use the built-in facebook interface to upload pictures...

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How to Create a Facebook profile with Facebook fan page?

I am currently having a Facebook fanpage but now i need to open a profile account with the same mail id what i have used to create a fan page. Is there a way where i can create a profile account with a fanpage account


It was possible before. But, recently facebook updates its privacy and thats why a lots changes are...

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How do I create a band profile on Facebook?

Every time I begin creating a band profile on Facebook, it somehow turns into a regular personal profile when I go to edit my profile. Does anyone know what to do so your profile remains a 'band' profile? Thanks.


I tried making a profile for my brothers business the other day and the same thing happened. I made...

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How to create Facebook profile for our Website Company?

Can anyone write steps or guide as how to create a Facebook profile for any company detials and contact information. And link the same fecebook profile to my website or use the more


you could create a group. and then invite all of your contacts on to it...which is at the top right...

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How bad it is to create a profile of another person on Facebook?

I mean....If you create a profile on Facebook but you don't put your real name and you upload photos with another person. How bad is this?


well i advice you not to do that

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FACEBOOK ??? What is it and how do i create a profile ???

10-pts to the best response as to why someone would want a facebook ???


Facebook is pretty much a website for college students. When you register, you put yourself into your...

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Just say on your real account that the other one is a fake! If you already reported it, let Facebook...

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Create Awesome Facebook Profile Picture Hack Using Photoshop[video] Most users typically see a rigid...

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