How can i create a mobile application server?

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How can I create a DLNA server application in Android?

I am looking to add DLNA server capabilities of one of my current applications (for movie management), and I've tried to do some searching for any documentation on it, but so far I've only found a project called Cling, which should support Android. I have yet to try it out, so if anyone has any comments on the project, I'd be really happy. I'd also love if anyone had some more documentation on adding DLNA server functionality to an Android application. I know there are quite a few applications...


I think you should search for some Linux libraries that implement DLNA. This will be the easiest way...

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What should I use to create communication in a client-server application?

I want to create a client-server application. Website is a client which should send, receive and display data from server (real-time communication). I'm wondering what tools/technologies would be the best to create this application. What would be the...


What languages/frameworks are you already most familiar with? This is a very common type of application...

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How to connect eclipse and microsoft sql server to create an application?

am using MS sql server 2005 management studio and eclipse to create a database application. my skills in sql are good but i lack complete knowledge in java.So far i have downloaded the sql jdbc i have no clue as to what to do next. i...


Check the MS docs page at… Here's what it says: Make...

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How does one create an application that reads and writes to a database on a local server?

What is the easiest way to go about doing this? I have a fair bit of coding knowledge and can learn fast, but what is the quickest way to create a functional app which can take input from the user, allow for edits and generate reports. I just need to...


you can use web2py, a python based framework, just go through the introductory chapter of the manual...

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What collection of web technologies (both on the server and on the client side) would you use to create a 10k lines to 20k lines ajax web application?

Here's what I would use: On the client side something like: jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap and angular.js. On the server side, Apache, MySQL, PHP and codeigniter. But I have not had the time to check what other great technologies have been made available...


Node.js is an excellent choice for realtime applications. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of javascript...

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Create a database-web application using Active Server Pages (ASP).?

The specifications of the system are the following: 1.The application has to have a name. State the meaning if the name is an acronym. 2.The application will concentrate entirely depend on you. In case you need an idea, an inventory of computer parts...


Visit the following sites and you will find the required scripts - http://www.aspfree...

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The DnsCmd command is used to create a new application directory partition. Ex. to create a partition...

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MySQL and Apache are two totally different things, you only see them together a lot because a lot of...

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Server Error in '/' Application. ????? I m trying to log on the T-mobile website and this is what comes up?

What does this mean? And how can i fix it? Its not the website because i can log on with my husbands computer. Server Error in '/' Application. --------------------------------------… Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on...


Your assumption that "Its not the website" is wrong. That is most *definitely* a problem with...

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How do i create a client sever application to transfer files from the same machine with the same machine as cl?

i need to create a client server application on the same machine with the same machine as client and same machine as server?? i can use socket programming. guide me please.


You might have better luck under Programming and Design section.

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